Well, hey there. Thanks for stopping by! I’m Heather. My writing journey (and kind of the trajectory of my professional life, to be honest) started when my high school English teacher gave me an A+ on both my junior and senior research papers. As a hard core people pleaser, you can’t even imagine my excitement. (Or maybe you can, if you’re the same way). So here I am, blogging and teaching English. (That’s the honest truth.)

I am also Jordan’s wife and Jackson and Johanna’s mom. I work as a high school English teacher by day and a personal stylist/style coach at night. I’ve also realized life makes more sense with a strong foundation of faith and love for Jesus.

This page of mine is a place for me to let my passions (writing, encouraging other women, style) marinate together. I love to share my attempts at staying trendy while living that working mom of 2 life.

It all started as a blog. This blog, formerly named Rock, Style, Teach, has been up and running for about four years. It all started with an idea for a style blog, which came to me at a time when I was rocking my newborn daughter (hence rock in the name), at a time I was (finally!) postpartum and wanting to dress like myself again. I wanted to give other moms encouragement to seek out their own personal style while trying to get back into touch with my own. And here we are!

But getting dressed is hard. I have faced my own challenges dressing my 5’11” athletic frame and navigating social media for personal style purposes. The¬†world of overly curated Instagram feeds and Pinterest outfit perfection has done quite a number on the creativity to be found in cultivating a unique style. I’ve seen it first-hand, even in myself! We want to “copy” the looks of others and buy all.the.things that influencers suggest we buy but have no idea if they actually work for us stylistically. That’s what I’m setting out to change. I want to encourage EVERY woman to cultivate her unique personal style and project an image of confidence whenever she walks into a room. But on her terms.

And sometimes we aren’t that confident in ourselves. See, in high school, I was absolutely internally livid that I was taller than most every girl my age (Yep, 5’10” at age 14 and grew another random inch in college…). I tried desperately to wear what the girls my age were wearing, but I looked like a hot mess most of the time OR I was tugging at my shirt because it was too short. I gravitated toward unique accessories…glitter belts, glitter jeans, Dr. Martens, white eyeshadow (wow. that happened.), and I always felt weird about it. Now? I celebrate my quirks and encourage YOU to think back on what you loved when you were younger. And rock the adult version!

In my professional life, I have taught 7-12 English for 12 years and worked as a style coach for five years. I am a firm believer in the idea that you can infuse your personal style into your work wardrobe in a work-appropriate way! In addition to my four years of style blogging, I interned under a phenomenal image coach in the East Central Illinois area in the spring of 2013 and began taking on my own clients (in-person and online) in August 2013.

Back to blogging. I also believe in authentic blogging as connection. Style is not my whole life. Often times, other aspects of life take precedent, like my faith and my love for God. I want this blog to be a place of sharing, a place of knowing we’re all unique in how we live and parent, but we have each other’s back, you know?

Oh, and to answer the question for you…yes, I wear braces.