Find Your Style 101: Part 1

Let’s get to the bottom of your style today. Have you even thought about what your style actually is? First, let’s think about your average shopping experience. How do you shop? Do you pick up random clothes that appeal to you, only to find you have nothing that really goes together or really “speaks” to your style? If so, I am with you. That was me not too long ago. I never knew how to put my look together, and I would just feel defeated when I knew something was just a little off in my look. Now, I look back at pictures of myself and think, GAAHHH. What the heck? Why did I pick that out? (Grumble.)

To educate myself in making better style choices, I first began to read style magazines, especially In Style and People Style Watch. I experimented with looks in the magazines, choosing outfits I was naturally drawn to. Then, a few years later, I was lucky enough to work with an image consultant friend as an intern. I learned how to essentially nail down my style, and once I did that, my wardrobe just started magically coming together. Now I help people do exactly that same thing, and it has changed my life. It’s so rewarding to see someone evolve into the person she (or he) was meant to be stylistically. And become more self-assured in the process! And I don’t nail it every time. In actuality, style is about making mistakes so you really truly find what works for you in the process.

In today’s post, I want to nail down some basic terminology I will use in future posts. Most everyone is a blend of styles. I haven’t met too many people who are strictly one style. Most women I have worked with or have consulted in some way predominantly fall into one of the following four categories, but more do exist.

1. Classic/Traditional: favors clean, classic lines on clothing pieces, likes to command some authority (usually teachers fall in this category in some way – I was one… That’s how I know!)

One key piece: Blazer (professional and casual)

2. Natural: likes to be comfortable/hates being restricted in clothing, gravitates toward clothing for its “feel,” “unfussy” look

One key piece: J. Crew Striped Tee

3. Creative/Trendy: drawn to unique pieces, loves to try out trends, others may not understand this person’s outfit choices – So many types of creatives exist…more on that in a later post.

One key piece: Baublebar Statement Necklace

4. Feminine: usually gravitates toward romantic patterns (floral prints, lace, tiny polka dots) and gravitates toward figure-flattering clothing

One key piece: Express A-Line Skirt

The above pieces are just suggestions. You may be a feminine, for example, and not like that skirt. That’s what’s hard sometimes about style. It’s uniquely yours. You may even be a “feminine” and dislike wearing all skirts!

In future posts, I want to show you how you can work any trend, regardless of style. Look for upcoming “try the trend” posts where I show a trend and how trendy pieces can fit into any wardrobe, regardless of your style. Then I will also include some “on repeat” posts where I show you something (jean, shoe, jacket, piece of jewelry, whatever) that I think, especially based on my own experiences, needs to be in your closet. I will show different variations of the “on repeat” item so you can choose the item that best fits your style. My hope is that through these posts, you will feel like, regardless of age, budget, or style, you can try out the trends AND add staple pieces to your closet. (That you will actually wear!)

Come back Friday for my very first “on repeat” post where we talk ankle boots!

Want to know more about personal style? Are you intrigued? Let’s work on your personal style! I offer online consulting, and I would love to work with you! I can schedule an initial phone or Google Chat consultation where I ask you questions about your wardrobe, style and clothing preferences. Then we can nail down a style for you. Next comes online shopping! I can shop online for my picks for you based on our consultation, your budget, your body type… I’m confident once we nail down your style and choose some pieces you need that you could make shopping choices in the future that would work to complement your newly-found style! Email me at for more info.


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