On Repeat: Taupe Ankle Boots

Part of being a mom is being on a budget (my least favorite word… motherhood = love, budget = hate – but it’s life), but when you are only one person out of the however many you have in your family, you may not think about your own fashion needs or wants all the time or even buy what makes you happy style-wise. So following that principle in my own life pushed me to write “on repeat” posts where I suggest pieces to add to your closet that will give you the most wears. So here’s the first one!

In years past, the camel boot was crazy popular. I plan on wearing my own camel boots, too, but this season, I am suggesting you add taupe. Now when I think of taupe, I usually think of paint used in a home, that neutral brown/mink/almost-kind-of-gray color. When do we use taupe paint? When we want our paint color to match nearly any decor piece we might bring in. So why not use that same trick in your wardrobe? When you invest in a black boot, you get the dreaded “oh, shoot…can I wear these with brown or navy blue?” phenomenon. The only pant color I may not pair with taupe is khaki…Black? Yes. Army/olive green? Yes. Any shade of denim? Yes. That’s why I’m sold.

Now, I love to pair my ankle boots with skinny jeans. To me, it’s a match made in heaven. But another silhouette I am loving (and this one may work for girls who are skeptical of the skinny jean/ankle boot combo) is pairing the ankle boot with a boyfriend jean and rolling a cuff above the boot so the boot is allowed to be a star in the outfit. (Below is Exhibit A, taken from Pinterest.)

See how the jean skims away from the hip and falls straight down off the leg? That silhouette may be a little more comforting to some. I also love pairing an ankle boot with a distressed jean short for a summer-to-fall transition. Now I am not a big skirt wearer, but they would look great paired with a skirt as well, especially one that flows away from the body.

Here are my picks. I love Sole Society and 6pm.com for my initial shoe browsing/shopping. Sole Society is always at the forefront of what’s current. When I’m going for a brand name shoe, I always check 6pm first because chances are, this website will have it for the lowest price. So my four picks are from 6pm and Sole Society. I recently came across a fifth pair I love, too.

I’m using style terminology I outlined in my last post. (Click the link to brush up on it, to see where you fall stylistically.)

1. Sole Society Sidney
I love these boots (in the fennel color) for a creative or a feminine. The cut outs on the boot are very trendy, and the size of the heel flatters the leg line. These are almost sold out on the Sole Society website, but luckily, Nordstrom sells them, too.

2. Sole Society Natasha
I would choose these for a natural. (Either the army or the dark mushroom shades would classify as “taupe,” in my opinion.) They’re “unfussy” with a low heel. They have a rugged look about them that would look so cool paired up with some more feminine pieces. Really, anyone could wear these, depending on how they’re dressed up or down. Very versatile.

3. DV by Dolce Vita Gila
If you’re shying away from any major details, go with these. Again, I see a traditional in these, but just like the Natasha (#2), they would be easily dressed up and down for anyone, regardless of style. I love the polished look the heel creates by being the same shade as the boot.

4. DV by Dolce Vita Jaxen
The straps on this boot would probably appeal to an edgy/cool creative. I would love to pair these with black skinnies to break ALL THE RULES. I’m such a rule follower usually, that wearing these with black would be fun. If you’re not so much into rule breaking but wear a lot of brown or olive green tones in the fall, go for these. Love them.

5. Steve Madden Cinch
These were a very recent find (so recent that they didn’t make the collage), and they have since sold out on 6pm.com. Steve Madden is a little pricey, but I have never met a pair of Steve Maddens I did not love in terms of look AND quality. I am loving the cut outs on these boots, and the buckles add a nice detail as well.

If these boots are all out of your budget, always try Target, Kohls, or JCPenney. These stores offer great options at a lower price point. Here is a Target boot that almost made the cut. (Click link to view.) I’ve always had luck at those places myself. But I will say I spend more on boots than on any other shoe in my closet since I can wear them at least six months out of the year.

Which taupe boots did I add to my wardrobe recently? Which out of the five above made the cut for me? Those of you who know me well, this could turn into a fun guessing game…Come back to find out!

Have a great weekend, ladies. I would love feedback, too…What questions do you have? What type of posts do you want to see more of? Let me know!


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