More than Words: Find Your Style 101 – Part 2

So Monday we discussed the ever-dreaded appearance funk. Bleh. I was DEFINITELY feeling frumptastic last weekend. I told you I would be revisiting my closet and purging it of anything that does not reflect my style. In the first installment of “find your style” on the blog, I talked to you about foundational styles, like being a natural, traditional, feminine, etc. But as I said in that post, there are always variations to those foundational styles. Me? I’m a traditional/creative, meaning I like traditional, classic pieces to be the foundation of my wardrobe, but I also like to add in my own creativity to those outfits.

To better define your style, take the next step. You need to think of three words that describe how you want to be perceived by others every day you get dressed. How do you want others to view you? Now, you may say, I don’t care what others think. I’m my own person. True. But think about it. Don’t you want to attract the right kind of people (friends, potential significant others, etc.)? The right kind of job? Unfortunately, we can’t do much about how others “judge” us, but what we can do is somewhat control how we make a first impression with our clothing/accessory choices.

Once you have determined your “foundational” style (I’m a traditional/creative), think about your three words. I thought about when I first did this exercise about a year and a half ago. My three words were edgy/trendy, polished, and confident, in no particular order. Do those words still reflect what I want in a first impression? Yes and no. It made a lot of sense to say confident when I was teaching high school. I wanted to command authority. But now in my change in lifestyle, I would like to put confident on the back burner. I will go back to work, and I will want to command authority again. But now, like right this second, I just don’t want to be FRUMPY!!!! This summer, I gravitated toward slouchy pieces because I was still holding on to a lot of extra baby weight. Now that I’m starting to shed that weight, I’m looking at my closet like, hmm…. But instead of pitching those pieces, I will add structure to them through skinny jeans, leggings, tall boots, etc.

Before I digressed a bit there, I want to keep edgy/trendy and polished. So now I am searching for that third word. Some options? NOT frumpy, friendly, energetic….I haven’t quite settled on one. I will get back to you.

So if you want your wardrobe to reflect who you are, the first thing you may consider doing is determining your foundational style. From there, choose the three words you want to be reflected in a first impression. Then, when you put an outfit together, ask yourself two questions. 1. Does this outfit reflect my foundational style? 2. Does this outfit reflect my three words? That’s honestly how I get dressed every day. It wasn’t easy at first, but I have become more comfortable with this process as time has gone on.

Let’s put these ideas into practice. Let’s say I want to choose an everyday outfit I can wear to the library with the kids, to run errands, etc. Nothing super special about this outfit…Just something that’s everyday, like I said.

Traditional pieces: American Eagle skinny jean in a dark wash, GAP basic tee, GAP buffalo plaid shirt (I would wear it open to show off the necklace.)

Creative pieces: Target slip-on sneaker, Baublebar necklace

Edgy/trendy: The print in the long-sleeved top is very trendy right now. So are the slip-on sneakers (a play on the sporty chic vibe…more on that in a future post) and the statement necklace (I caved. It’s mine now, and I LOVE it.)

Polished: The line in the skinny jean gives the casual outfit structure, as does the long-sleeved top. My makeup and hairstyle would also lend themselves to my polished look.

Being a woman is hard….I just realized it (AGAIN) during this post. But honestly, it does not nearly take me AS LONG to go through this process every day. It’s actually like second-nature now because I just choose to think in this manner when I get dressed. Now I would probably add a basic stud earring to this as well, but I did not want the outfit to get overwhelming! I honestly hope these posts help you create a wardrobe that is unique to you!


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