Casual Mom Uniform…Featuring Jogger Pants (and Me)

I am fairly certain that part of being a mom (or woman in general) is experiencing that ever-dreaded feeling of knowing you need to get out the door quickly while your appearance (and pride) nags at you. But having two (or more) other people who rely on you to get them ready throws a pretty hefty wrench in those appearance plans. Anyone else go through that often? Some days, I seriously stand in my closet with my mouth open for a half hour before I decide on something to wear. But more often than not, I’m in a time crunch. I really need to build “go-to” outfit “formulas” (or uniforms) that will help me get ready more quickly. So today’s post is an ensemble I’m labeling a “mom uniform,” but those who aren’t moms can definitely benefit from this combination. It features the ever-popular sporty chic jogger pants – basically sweatpants that are acceptable in public. Neat.

I’m featuring two pairs from Target, a gray pair and a black pair. I featured the black pair on my first fall wishlist, and I got both on sale, so I ended up spending less than $40 for both pairs. For reference, the black ones fit a little tighter for two reasons: 1) the cut of the pant and 2) I just washed them. Both pairs get baggier as the day goes on.

When I say uniform, I’m talking about a no-brainer outfit that I can just throw on. This particular uniform is pretty minimalist in the accessory department. I know I’m breaking blogger rules by not accessorizing to the max. But come on. Let’s be real here. Do we always have time for seventeen accessories? This uniform is a casual outfit that I would wear most any day to run errands, go to the park, anywhere that doesn’t require a specific dress code, really…

I originally saw this picture of Jessica Alba on…

and it inspired me to come up with the following “casual chic uniform” (mom-approved):

printed casual jacket or cardigan + loose white tank or tee + solid colored jogger pant + slip-on sneaker

So here we go…the time has come for me to pose on my own blog. In outfits I put together. YIIIIKES! I thought about all the “disclaimers” I would give you to explain why my blog pictures aren’t going to be perfect. I’m just not going to do that, though. So, my blog pictures aren’t going to be perfect. My husband takes them, and we live over five hours from family, so the kids are always part of the photo shoots as well. The pictures may feature a kid (or two) or tools (my son’s obsession these days) or a fairly un-exotic locale (my backyard shed) or me wearing my hair up (which is my go-to style, though unconventional). So now you know. Oops. I did the disclaimers anyway.


Jacket: Old Navy
Tee: Old Navy
Black Jogger Pant: Target (link above)
Slip-On Sneaker: Target (order a half size up)

So I was really mad at myself because I used to own a gray leopard print boyfriend cardigan that would have really worked with this outfit. But I actually gave it away because I had not worn it in a year. My fault there. But this outfit was my favorite. I always love camo, and I love how the slip-on sneaker adds a bit more polish and sophistication than a regular running shoe would. I pulled my joggers up to break up all the black on the leg and the foot, too.

(Out-take from photo shoot below – wasn’t kidding about the kid or the tools or the shed)


Printed cardigan: H&M (old)
White tank: Old Navy
Black jogger pants: Target (see link above)
Slip-On Sneaker: Target (see link above)


Striped cardigan: J. Crew Factory (old)
White tank: Old Navy (see link above)
Black jogger pants: Target (see link above)
Leopard sneaker: Steve Madden

Again, this outfit is not setting the world on fire or anything. But I really love the print-on-print with the stripes and the leopard print sneaker. And I love how it’s comfy, it will survive any stains from my kids, and it also makes me feel put together as well. I love the slip-on sneaker for so many reasons. We’ll discuss the slip-on sneaker in a future post.


Black cardigan: Old Navy (old)
White Tee: Old Navy (see link above)
Gray jogger pant: Target (see link above)
Slip-on Sneaker: Target (see link above)

This outfit is a slight variation from the formula, but since the gray pants have a bit of a marled, heathered pattern, I went solid with the cardigan. I promise I will try to get better at posing! This stance seems a little aggressive, I know. But you get the point of the outfit….that’s what’s important. (And you’re probably looking at the cutie behind me…)

I went light on the accessories since 1. this is a quick “throw it on and go” outfit and 2. I think a ton of jewelry takes away from the cool casual vibe. Below are links to all of the accessories I’m wearing in all outfits.

Necklace: Rebecca Minkoff
Stud earrings: Stella and Dot (no longer available)
Bracelet: Stella and Dot

I’m going to be experimenting more with the jogger pant. This formula is the first one I’ve come up with…Stay tuned.

WILD CARD ROUND: Would you wear this outfit?

Here’s another picture of joggers that inspired me, which was featured in one of my favorite blogs, Hello Fashion.

She is wearing a basic tee and jogger pants with heels. I am intrigued by this outfit, though I only have two pairs of stilettos in my closet.

Here I am in my “lab” thinking, should I even try this outside of my closet??? Sorry about the phone selfie and mirror smudges.

Tee: GAP
Black jogger pant: Target (see link above)
Heels: Nine West (old)

Here’s my version. I just wanted to try it on. Verdict: I was a little uncomfortable, though I am that way any time I try something so new and foreign to me style-wise. And this picture is proof that I have a lot of unsure moments and potential fails with my style. That’s how you find your style, essentially….being able to take risks to see what works for you. And yes, I am taller than my privacy fence when I am wearing heels.

So would you try jogger pants with heels?
Let’s take a second to appreciate the beauty in these heels I unfortunately don’t wear too often. Pictures just don’t do them justice. LOVE the sparkle in them.



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