Sporty Chic Find: Why You Need a Slip-On Sneaker in Your Closet

So it’s officially fall! Before I grab my weekly salted caramel mocha from Starbucks (skinny version, please!), let’s talk shoes you may want to consider adding to your fall wardrobe. ‘Tis the season to officially be bombarded with pumpkin EVERYTHING, Halloween costumes, chunky sweaters, leggings, jackets, and boots when we shop. However, it’s still officially that weird time when your feet are hot in boots, but sandals aren’t quite right, either. My solution for casual situations? The slip-on sneaker.

The slip-on sneaker is not a workout shoe. It’s not a flat. It’s the in-between shoe that says, “I’m willing to try just a bit harder today and not wear a workout sneaker. But let’s not push it.” It doesn’t have laces that you have to worry about tying/tripping over when you have 1,345,600 other things to worry about. To me, it’s just the perfect shoe to pull off trendy, polished, comfortable, and cool. 
I have worn the two pairs I own with so many outfits. 
1. I have worn them with jogger pants
2. I love them with distressed denim because I love that “cool” edgy vibe. (Spoiler: I’m not really cool and edgy. I just pretend I am.) That post is coming soon. 
3. Since they’re technically sneakers, they are a bit sporty chic, a trend I am LOVING for fall. 
4. I love them with the black dress I showed you last week and a fun cardigan for fall. 
5. Depending on your Casual Friday situation at work (and how casual it really is), they may work.
Here are the two pairs I own. 

At the time I bought them, my Steve Madden leopard print sneakers were $99. (EEK…) But I have seriously worn them at least three times a week since I bought them in June. Leopard is a neutral, after all…They have really held up nicely. (I just sounded like I was about 72 when I said that.) My Target pair was $25, and the quality is seriously great. So if you’re unsure about the trend, try a cheap pair. 
Below are some of my picks for you!
1. Target Dedra Leopard Print Sneaker – more affordable leopard print option
2. GAP Sateen Slip-On Sneakers – love the oxblood color for fall. Choose these to “tiptoe” into the trend.
3. Forever 21 Camo Pony Hair Slip-Ons – most affordable pick, and the camo print is also on trend for fall.
4. Steve Madden Excitt Studded Sneaker – couldn’t have a post from me without something studded…love the gray, too.
5. Charlotte Russe Pink Python Print Slip-On Sneaker – super affordable. Love the contrast of the feminine pink with a tough sneaker
6. Vans Leather Snake Slip-On – love snakeskin for fall. Basically, I love everything. 
Two additional notes…
1. WOW. Thank you all so much for viewing my blog. In one short month since I started, I have had more page views than I ever would’ve imagined. I know, to an extent, you blog is entertainment for yourself, but it does feel really good to know that others are interested in what you’re talking about! So THANK YOU!!
2. ASK ME QUESTIONS. What questions do you have about fashion and/or beauty? I sent out a request for opinions earlier this month to see what trends you wanted to know more about. We talked jogger pants (and will continue to talk about them), we have talked sporty chic (jogger pants and slip-on sneakers), I plan to discuss tunics and camo print in the near future….What else would you like to know? What questions do you have? Message me via Facebook, email me, comment below. I love a good fashion challenge! Bring it.

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