Making a Statement (And Stretching Your Casual Tops)

So here we are, in the thick of the dreary days of mid fall. The weather is cool, the skies are gray, and we trick ourselves into thinking it’s cold enough for Ugg boots and blanket scarves (I stare at my blanket scarf from Target almost daily…It will make its debut on the blog very soon. Because I couldn’t be a legit style blogger if I didn’t have a huge scarf.). But it’s not! We’ve got some time, so how do we add some fun and versatility to our basic sweaters? Add a statement necklace.

As you know, I used to teach high school English, and one of my tricks for extending my casual tops (basic solid color tees, striped tees, sweaters, etc.) into professional or dressier occasions was to add a statement necklace. Here I am in one of my favorite fall sweater finds, my Merona camo print sweater from Target.

(Aww. Pumpkins…) P.S. I’m pretty scared about close-up pics on the blog. But the blog has pushed me to try new things, like pattern mixing in Monday’s post. (P.P.S. I’m wearing one of my favorite statement necklaces in that post. It’s maybe four years old? And for me that’s about 60 years of jewelry time in my closet.)

Don’t see a necklace in the picture above, right? That’s on purpose. Honestly, on most of my days as a stay-at-home mom, I’m usually scrambling to get out of the door, may it be to get somewhere at a scheduled time or to beat the “naptime grumpiness” before it can strike in public. (I sound like such a mom…) That means I would probably have time for makeup, some sort of hairdo, said sweater, skinny jeans, and slip-on sneakers/ankle boots. No jewelry probably except for the stud earrings I was already wearing.

But if I wanted to dress up the sweater, I may go with a subtle statement. Since I am not usually subtle with my jewelry (when I’m wearing it), I decided to layer, though either necklace would work on its own.

Here I’m wearing a J. Crew Factory necklace (on sale for $29.50) layered with one of my Stella and Dot necklaces (good investment piece – can be worn five ways). I am thinking of wearing this combination for our family pictures coming up next week. Sorry about the awkward hair situation in this pic.

If I wanted to go more glam and fancy, I would wear my beloved Courtney Bib from Baublebar. This necklace, though. Can’t you see I’m just overall happier wearing this necklace?

Here are some of my picks for statement necklaces. You may just be treading into the statement necklace game and may want to go subtle. Also, if you are petite, you may need to keep it lighter/more subtle in terms of weight of necklace. The Courtney bib, for example, may overwhelm your frame, though it works for mine, as I am 5’11”.

Some have asked me about the pieces I think NEED to be in your wardrobe. I honestly think at least one versatile statement necklace needs to find its way into your closet, and no, it doesn’t have to be expensive or gaudy (though I appreciate both of those qualities in a necklace). It will add versatility, polish, and glam to your casual pieces.

Necklace 1: J. Crew Factory One of my go-to places for necklaces. Love the preppy/glam vibe.

Necklace 2: Shop Lately A recent website find. Super cheap, cute jewelry on this site! If you’re on a budget, start here! Seriously, this necklace is $15. Please tell them I sent you if you end up shopping here (click this link)!

Necklace 3: Baublebar I love the unexpected blue in this necklace.

Necklace 4: Baublebar OMG. I’m going to try to wait for Christmas on this one, but I found it on Pinterest like a month ago…and I decided it’s a need. Spikes and sparkles, two of my faves in jewelry!

Come back Friday when I feature another “on repeat” wardrobe staple … sturdy, expensive-looking leggings with back pockets!


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