On Repeat: Leggings with Back Pockets! (and a Halloween Breakfast at Panera)

Happy Halloween! How did my day start? I woke up craving a Panera cinnamon crunch bagel, and my son wanted to wear his costume all day, so we compromised.

Because if you can’t have a Panera candy cookie for breakfast on Halloween, when CAN you?

OK, back to leggings. Every woman out there probably has at least one pair of black leggings. I say probably because I didn’t have a pair until my sister Ashley introduced me to the Hue brand a few years ago. I came across the Hue Ponte Leggings to fight a major tall girl vs. legging problem. I fought the urge to buy leggings for a long time, and here’s why. You have probably heard the saying “leggings are not pants.” Well, any tall girl will tell you that finding tops that are long enough to keep some form of modesty when wearing leggings is next to impossible. So what is a tall girl who doesn’t wear dresses a ton to do? Thankfully, stores like Old Navy are carrying tall sizes so tunic tops are actually tunics on me.

The thicker fabric in the legging, coupled with the fact that they have back pockets and, therefore, look like pants, makes me much more comfortable modesty-wise. I purchased mine at Von Maur. I love Von Maur’s customer service, and so if I need something from a department store, I always go there first.

(Here’s a sort of blurry picture I snapped of the back of the leggings since I could not find any good pictures of the back pockets online.)

These are not your $12 leggings from Wal-Mart. They will last longer, and they look more expensive. They are somewhat of an investment for some ($44), but they really keep their shape and look like a pair of black skinny pants.

I put together some outfits that I may choose to wear with the leggings. Keep in mind most of the pieces are budget-friendly and are easy to locate. As a mom, I know most of you probably don’t have a whole lot of time to shop for yourself, so I really try to put together outfits from mostly “big-box” stores for that purpose.

Tunic Sweatshirt: Old Navy
Scarf: Target
Shoe: Nike
Handbag: Rebecca Minkoff

Notes on this outfit: I love the sporty chic outfits for running errands or casual Saturdays. I have these sneakers. I have a thing against wearing athletic sneakers (not slip-on sneakers or Keds-type sneakers) with jeans. I just don’t. But they work well with leggings. And the black-on-black Rebecca Minkoff bag just found its way onto my Christmas wishlist.

Tunic top: Old Navy
Slip-On sneaker: Steven by Steve Madden
Quilted vest: Old Navy
Handbag: Rebecca Minkoff
Notes on this outfit: When I am wearing a somewhat baggy top, I go slim on the bottom, and the quilted vest adds structure to the outfit as well. And there’s the bag again…
The rocker edge I add to some of my outfits led me (in part) to name my blog Rock, Style, Repeat. So here’s an edgy chic look.

Buffalo check top: Old Navy
Moto boots: Target
Sweatshirt jacket: Target (How many times can I feature one jacket on the blog…?)
Necklace: Stella and Dot

Notes on this outfit: This outfit may have a lot of black, and black isn’t for everyone. And it’s a little grunge-y for some. I actually like the grunge factor, though. I have worn variations of this outfit, and I have to say that the red really pops. A gray boot or a more classic suede boot may tone down the edginess of the outfit. But don’t give up on moto boots because they are really fun when paired with more classic and feminine pieces.

And last but not least, here’s a classic look I put together. I LOVE camel and black together.

Long-sleeved top (to wear under the poncho): Old Navy
Poncho: H&M
Suede boot: Old Navy
Handbag: Target
Notes on this outfit: I would pull down the sleeves on the shirt so you get a little bit of print in the outfit. I would also think about switching the suede boot out with a leopard boot, but that may be difficult to match up with the camel in the poncho. There’s something so sophisticated about pairing a black legging or pant with an all-black ankle boot. 
You probably know how to style leggings already. But hopefully these looks allow you to extend the ways you wear your black leggings. Next week, I will be sharing my casual mom uniform #2 (my most popular post was casual mom uniform #1 with jogger pants) featuring the quilted vest, a piece I thought was reserved for moms watching their kids’ ball games… I was afraid to try it, but I’m glad I did. So come back next week! And have a great weekend!


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