Fall Wishlist: Round 2 (Gray boots, lash primer, etc.)

Happy Friday to you! Just stopping in for a quick post (in theory…) on some items that have caught my eye. And the wishlists featured on my blog are my REALISTIC wishlists. But if you were to ask, my FANTASY wishlist would always include these Valentino rockstud flats. (I would actually take them in any color.) But when was the last time I paid $775 for a pair of shoes? Or for anything besides a hospital bill? Oh yeah. Never.

I actually like making (realistic) wishlists to help me maintain order in my closet and in my bank account. Usually I will think about a sweater or a pair of jeans/shoes on my wishlist for a week or two, and if I can think of multiple ways to style the piece AND I’m still wanting it, I will go ahead and buy it.
Update on fall wishlist: round one (I posted it in early September…see post here.): It was pretty spot-on for what I needed (OK…”needed”) in my closet. I ended up purchasing everything on the wishlist except for the Baublebar tortoise necklace. (I ended up with a J.Crew Factory necklace I featured in my statement necklaces post.) Also, I ended up with these American Eagle black jeggings instead of the Old Navy rockstar fit jeans I put on my first wishlist…I liked the fit and the wash in the ones I have a bit better. And I did end up with a buffalo check shirt, but it came from Old Navy. But you already know that because you read EVERY post! And P.S. I am rebuilding my wardrobe post-baby, so I’m probably spending more this season than normal.
Necklace: Baublebar (in gold). I have already shown you this necklace. I think it would just add so much edge and glam to a basic crewneck sweater or black dress. Item #1 on my Christmas list. 

Gray boots: American Eagle (black shown in link, gray now out of stock). I put my wishlist together early this week, and since then, the gray boots have gone out of stock. Most everything does get restocked at AE, in my experience anyway. I just came to the realization that sometimes black is too harsh in a color of boot, and taupe sometimes doesn’t quite work. Oh, and I realized 95 percent of my wardrobe is gray. I have looked and looked for gray boots, but these are my favorite, style- and price-wise. 

Gray cozy cardigan: Forever 21 I am loving oversized, cozy sweaters with a skinny jean. I know, basic. But so comfortable and put together at the same time. And did I mention I love gray (see above…that’s why I need gray boots)… Now there are some people out there who knock the quality of Forever 21 pieces, but I say, if I’m spending $18 on a sweater and it lasts for one season, I’m OK with that. Actually, I bought a few sweaters there last year, and they are in great condition. Also, I know I’m 31, but dang…I love this store. I just bought this sweater and this coat when it held its friends and family sale last week. 

Lash primer: Urban Decay I tried lash primer for the first time when I was back in Illinois a few weeks ago. I am sold. I may go get some this weekend, actually. I love how it goes on white so you can see where you haven’t applied your mascara. I always end up with clumps somehow. I bought the Perversion mascara last week at Ulta, and I’m really liking it so far. But I haven’t met too much Urban Decay makeup I didn’t like. (Truth: I am Urban Decay obsessed.)

Black handbag: Rebecca Minkoff Now this piece is more expensive. But I like the look and the size when I’m carrying a diaper bag, especially. I own the neon yellow one for spring/summer…now just to buy one for fall/winter. Christmas wishlist item 2.

Have a great weekend. I posted on Facebook that the Ulta in my town just opened this week, and I am proud to say I have only spent $35 (with a coupon!) so far. I used to drop tons on a Sephora/Ulta trip when I lived in Illinois because I knew I had to stock up, being that the closest Sephora/Ulta was an hour away. But now that it is five minutes away…blessing or curse? We shall see, dear friends. Bye!

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