Statement Coats and Another Fashion Formula

When I was reading my December/January issue of Redbook a few days ago, I came across a fashion formula that I wanted to try. And you know I love me a formula…no-brainer, simple outfit building. For when you want to get out of the house. Fast. And your hair/makeup/kids took way longer than expected.
Formula: Statement coat + dark skinny jean + flat moto boot

Check out Redbook‘s formula explanation and outfit combinations here. I decided to try the formula out with my new coat from Forever 21.

Here are my thoughts/opinions on each of the three pieces in this formula:
So what constitutes a statement coat? I think a coat is considered a statement coat when it has interesting details, a fun print, or a bright color. I was attracted to the coat pictured above for its formal-ish structure coupled with its fun, tough accents, like the faux leather collar and trim around the pockets along with the moto/biker jacket-inspired detailing. The structure and the details will allow me to take this coat from formal to casual. And I love Forever 21 for coats. It took me like a week to decide which one coat to buy this season…So. Many. Options. Perfect pricing if you’re wanting to go trendy in your winter coat. It’s not like you’ll be devastated if your coat isn’t in style next season because you are really only spending less than $70 (in most cases)… OK, that’s my rationalization anyway!
Thoughts on dark skinny jeans…I think most of us own a pair of basic dark skinny jeans. My favorite brand and fit is the Old Navy Sweetheart (dark rinse). I bought mine (on sale) for $19 over two years ago, and they have just held up so well. They have endured several more washes than I would have liked to rid them of baby spit up and other various child-related stains, and they are just as perfect today as when I bought them. Can’t say enough about these jeans. If you’re covered on the dark skinnies front, consider adding a pair of black skinny jeans to your closet, too. You will be surprised how versatile they will be. 
And what is a moto boot? I would classify a moto boot as any boot (usually ankle) with buckles, chains, or other “tough” detailing. And there are so many kinds of moto boots out there ranging from the classic, understated spectrum to full-on biker babe. The ones I’m wearing are old but seem so current with the plaid detailing inside. Gotta love when that happens. Budget-conscious ladies…check out JCPenney for boots. I have had TONS of luck there over the years with boots especially.
Redbook says this outfit formula blends style, polish, and comfort. I can’t agree more. I’m thinking this outfit would work for any upcoming outdoor event…the first that comes to mind is a holiday parade. Just any time you could wear a coat the entire time, and you wouldn’t look strange for wearing said coat the entire time. I wore this outfit this past weekend for a family shopping trip and plan to wear a variation of it again soon!

Outfit details…
Coat: Forever 21
Gray thermal top: Target (in-store)
Skinny Jeans: Old Navy
Boots: JCPenney (Arizona brand – 2 years old)

And here are a few more pieces I am loving that would fit in this combination!

Two statement coats that were strong contenders for me…

image via Polyvore
image via Polyvore
Pair either coat with these black skinny jeans…
image via Polyvore
And these Report moto boots…

Come back on Friday when I talk face make-up…when you should spend vs. save…what products I use on my face (and believe me…I have tried it all) and why… and I will also be featuring the opinions of a very special guest!


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