Trying Something New

Be strong and courageous. Do not be frightened, and do not be dismayed, for the Lord your God is with you wherever you go. – Joshua 1:9

I was never a fan of change. Not in my personal style, not in any aspect of my life, really. I’m still not a fan. But I have made several major life changes that have really aided in my personal and spiritual development, including moving over five hours away from the only area I’ve ever known as home and becoming a stay-at-home mom after nine years of teaching English, to name a few.

I’ve come to realize here in my current life stage that when we embrace change and look for ways to better ourselves, we can often see silver linings if we look hard enough. In many ways throughout my life, I have put my head down and charged through my existing circumstances because I felt that changing them would be uncomfortable and would hurt too deeply. I thought charging through the situation and growing a thick skin made me tough, which it probably did. But at what cost? What I failed to realize, I guess, is that by ripping the band-aid off, by jumping in with both feet, by following God’s plan into the unknown, I could step into something great, an existence better than something I had to “charge through.” But it doesn’t mean it’s not initially scary!

Now it may be a stretch for some, but in a sense, I really can apply this analogy to my style as well. Just like any other woman, I have my style comforts. I have my list of pieces I will never wear. I have a list of basics that will always be added to my closet. I have a list of acceptable ways to wear my hair.

But sometimes you have to chuck those lists and try something new.

One such item I had added to my list of things I would never wear is a plaid shirt. Prior to like a few months ago, I felt they looked to “barn dance-y” for my style. I have several friends who have always looked adorable in them, but their plaid shirts worked with their personal style, which had a country flair. And I am not country. I am severely allergic to horses, for one. And I don’t listen to country music, though a little bit of it isn’t bad/is tolerable.

But over the past few months, each time I would go into Old Navy (which is really rocking it for fall and winter styles this season), I would see so many plaid shirts, styled in so many different and exciting ways, that I thought I would try one. So I bought this one first, loved it, then bought another. And here it is…

Now I am eating my words about the plaid shirt because I am pretty sure it is the most versatile piece to be added to a fall wardrobe. It works for nearly everyone. Since I like to have a tough, rocker edge to a lot of my outfits (I know… I’m not tough, nor a rock star, but I just like to pretend I’m Gwen Stefani sometimes.), I added my favorite destroyed vintage black jeggings (I love a ripped jean more than anyone) and some combat boots I bought two years ago. I wore this outfit during a recent weekend family outing, going minimal on the “accessories fuss” with very little jewelry, just these studs and my favorite Mom necklace (which is so cheap right now!).
The bright colors in the shirt ensure I don’t come off all Nirvana, ’90s grunge. To me, the bright plaid calms down the rocker edge by bringing a sort of cheeriness and keeps the outfit current. But I’m envisioning this plaid to be styled in so many different ways.
Women who are classic/traditional in their personal style could wear it with a quilted vest, a skinny jean, and a tall boot. (Psst…If you are a quilted vest fan, check out my earlier post here.)
Bohemian creatives could tuck it in to a black maxi skirt and finish the outfit with a flat suede boot (bonus points if the boot has any fringe).
My country friends could totally rock this shirt tucked in to a skinny jean with a cowboy boot. 
Glam/feminine styles could button the shirt all the way up, wear a statement necklace around the collar, and tuck it in to a black pencil skirt, finishing with a basic black stiletto heel.
And those are just a few ideas. So the possibilities are endless.
Not only did I try the plaid shirt, I also tried a hairstyle that is taking over all of the blogs I read: the half-up top bun. At first, I could not see its appeal. But after I kept seeing the style over and over again, I really started to think about trying it. And so like any normal woman, I pinned the style to my hair board on Pinterest and tried it out. The verdict is still out for me – on the one hand, it’s fun, current, and fairly easy to do with second-day hair (meaning the hair has a little bit of grit to it), but I am wondering if I look like a character from Mulan at the same time…Oh well. I am working on not taking myself too seriously, but I will definitely try out the hairstyle again! I do like it that much anyway.
Want to try it? Check out my Pinterest page by clicking on the Pinterest icon below the blog banner. The pin is in my board marked Hair. I should not be trusted to explain any hairstyle, so go there if you’re interested in trying it.
Oh! Have you checked out my first make-up post? Seriously do. I love all the advice my sister-in-law gives, and my face make-up picks are thrown in there to make it look like I helped…HA. You can check out that post here. We will be back very soon to talk eye make-up, and I do feel confident in my ability to actually contribute to that conversation!
Outfit details…
Plaid shirt: Old Navy (available in-store)
Jegging: American Eagle
Combat boot: Target (2 years old) / similar boot


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