Beauty Talk: Everyday Eye Makeup Finds (and Tips)

Kaurie and I are back for another make-up installment! Hopefully you enjoyed our face make-up post (read it here in case you missed it) and are ready to talk eye make-up.

It is pretty ironic that I am writing about eye make-up, actually. Eye make-up and I weren’t good friends in high school. And in my early years of college, for that matter. Stage 1: heavy liner (top and bottom) to where you couldn’t tell if my eyes were even open as I looked at you. (I was seriously going to include a picture, but I can’t find it. And no, I don’t need anyone to locate one, either…) Stage 2: silver Cover Girl eye shadow. Yikes!

I have small eyes, so I have really had to work at becoming better at defining them. And I will say, I’m a student of eye make-up tricks. I ask Kaurie questions all the time. I ask make-up consultants in Ulta and Sephora about colors, especially. I don’t watch YouTube videos as much as I would like, but I know from others I converse with that YouTube is a gold mine for make-up tips. But technique is all about trial and error!

So today, we want to talk to you about the eye make-up products we use nearly every day. She and I do wear other products (or wear the same products in different ways) when we want to look a little more done-up, so to speak. And again, she and I are not experts. We are just self-taught and like talking about the make-up we love…so my brows aren’t perfect. My application is not perfect. But I hope you will appreciate that I am a mom of 2 little ones who wants to make herself look good on a time crunch! We are all friends here, so I know you’re with me there!

I have a rule about make-up in public: CCB. Concealer, color, brows. If I’m venturing out of my house for any reason, I always put on concealer, color on my cheeks, and fill in my brows. It’s just my comfort thing. If I have a few extra minutes, I will add eyeliner to my top lid and mascara. But when I go “full face” (and full eyes), here are the six eye products I use.

I’m going to take you from no eye make-up to full eye in these steps. And these steps may seem really laborious, but when you get into a routine using your products, it really doesn’t take much time at all. I can finish my eyes in fewer than five minutes now. All product information can be found below in each step.

Here’s the before and after shot, side by side.

Step 1: Apply Urban Decay Sin Eyeshadow Primer Potion to the eyelid.

If you want staying power for your eyeshadow, really consider investing in a primer. My primer tube lasts me a year, at least. I like shimmer, so I go with the sin color, though Urban Decay does make the same primer without shimmer (Kaurie wears that one). Honestly, I have worn this primer as my only shadow on some days, too.

Step 2: Apply eyeshadow, using Urban Decay Naked3 Palette

I have found that for my blue-green eye color, Naked3 colors work best. I have Naked2 as well and will bust it out when I’m feeling like I want a different look, but my go-to palette is Naked3. I have been using it for a year straight.

My favorite shades in the palette are mugshot (eyelid), factory (crease), and both dust and strange for blending near the brow bone.

Mugshot on lid
Mugshot on lid, factory in crease
Mugshot on lid, factory in crease, dust/strange for blending into brow bone
Step 3: Apply Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil to both lash lines. 
I use black on top and a lighter color on the bottom. I also smudge (rub back and forth) the black on top with my ring finger to create a less perfect line. (There are brushes available, but I like to use my finger.) I know I’m “supposed” to use brown eyeliner because I have a lighter eye color, but I hate brown every time I put it on. So I stopped trying. 
My love for Urban Decay eyeliner cannot adequately be expressed into words. I just can’t use anything else. I am currently using perversion (matte black) for the top lash line and LSD (navy shimmer with bright turquoise sparkle) or tornado (dark eggplant pearl) for the bottom lash line, and all are available in this Black Magic Set. (And those are the descriptions from Ulta, not me, if you were wondering…)
Eyeshadow + eyeliner on top and bottom lash lines (top eyeliner is smudged)
Step 4: Lash primer, using Urban Decay Subversion Lash Primer
I just recently started using lash primer, and it really helps me to see where I missed spots. It also makes the mascara go on much more smoothly. I only put mascara on my top lashes, by the way. Just a personal preference.
Step 5: Mascara, using Urban Decay Perversion Mascara

I look for mascaras that help me with volume, and I’m really digging this one right now, especially paired with the primer. And I really can’t say how many coats I do. I just put it on until I’m happy with the lash definition, right before it looks spider-ish and clumpy.

Step 6: Fill in brows, using Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz.

I never like to leave the house without filled brows. My shade in this pencil is soft brown. But defining brows is such a tricky art form because in 2.5 seconds, you make yourself go from nice, approachable woman to mean witch. 
I brush the brows first. Then I just look for the barren spots on my brows and lightly fill in with the pencil. I don’t go too crazy with drawing because I have a naturally thicker brow, and I don’t want to look scary. Kaurie is the one who told me about this product and also wears it.
Kaurie’s Picks and Tricks of the Trade

I used to really dislike my eyes. They are really big, brown, droopy eyes. And then I learned how to embrace them and enhance them, rather than try to totally change them or downplay them! I work in a chemistry lab, so I don’t do much for a work day when it comes to makeup. Here is my go-to routine during the week. It takes me less than 5 minutes now!
Even if I’m running late, I never leave my house without BB cream/concealer, filled brows, swipe of blush, curled eyelashes, and a layer of mascara.
I always do my face makeup first, and then prime my eyelids all the way up to my eyebrows. 
ALWAYS PRIME! This 2-second step prevents creasing and increases the longevity of your shadow application. I can work 10 hours straight in a hot lab, and still have flawless makeup (even if it is a small amount, I still try to preserve it)! 
Step 2: Eyeshadow, using Urban Decay Naked Basics

The Naked Basics palette is amazing for everyday wear, as well as a base or addition (I LOVE the black shade (Crave) in this palette) for other looks.
I use a flat brush to pack in a matte color close to or lighter than my skin tone. I brush a dark matte brown into my crease. I use a fluffy blender brush to blend over and lighten this darker color with a lighter brown matte shade. I always highlight in the corner of my eye and directly under my eye brows using a different fluffy blending brush. I use Sephora and Coastal Scents brushes.
Step 3: Curl eyelashes.

I ALWAYS curl my eyelashes. I have obnoxiously long lashes, so I thought this wasn’t something that I needed to do. But since my eyes look so heavy, it’s important to curl them to open up and lighten my eyes. This is a good trick for girls who have short or thin lashes, too, because they turn them up and make them more visible against your eyelids.  
Step 4: Line eyes, using the tightlining technique. 

A technique I love for everyday is tightlining. This is where tip your head up, pull your eyelashes up, and use a crayon or pencil to line your waterline UNDER your lashes. It gives a bit of definition without that HI I’M WEARING EYELINER look you may not want for one reason or another. This can be for people who aren’t big into makeup or people like me who like a wide spectrum of makeup looks. This takes a lot of practice because you’re getting up close and personal with your pencil (which you need to make sure you and ONLY you have used, and is clean. NEVER share makeup!).  
I do the same on the bottom lid, which is a lot easier. The waterline is that thin strip of wet skin between your lashes and eyeball. If that freaks you out, don’t do it! But as a science nerd, I can assure you that your eyes are amazing organs, and a little bit of makeup contact is the least of their worries (but please don’t share makeup or brushes without thorough cleaning!). Eyeliner used above is Kat Von D Autograph Liner in Puro Amor (black), available in this set

Bonus Round: The Weekend Eye, featuring winged liner and 3 mascaras!

(Kaurie’s eyeshadow palette used below is no longer available, but other Kat Von D palettes can be found here.) 
Now for my weekend eye… I LOVE heavy eye on the weekend. It’s not for everyone, but I fully embrace it. I generally go with warm brown or gold tones for eye makeup, but sometimes I like to go with color that compliments my eye color. I have really dark brown eyes, so I’ll usually go with green or purple eye shadow for a real pop.
Here I’ve chosen Kat Von D’s Ludwig palette .. Again, her palettes will always be my number ones. The quality and saturation of the colors are unbelievable.

Since I have downturned, heavy eyes, I try to keep my eyeballs light and place the darker colors in my crease only. I highlight with Venus from the Naked Basics palette. 
Weekend Eyeliner, using Sephora Classic Line 24HR Felt Eyeliner, and don’t forget the mascara!
I love heavy winged liquid liner, so that’s what I did here.
I have another disclaimer. My habit ever since high school is to use at least two different types of mascara. I use Urban Decay Perversion, then Kat Von D’s Immortal Lash, then Urban Decay Big Fatty Mascara. Hear me out. I have yet to find a mascara that I feel fulfills me. Each of these plays a role in what I want. Perversion provides a LOT of volume but can clump on me. Immortal has an amazing comb-like brush that separates lashes but doesn’t provide a lot of product while applying. Big Fatty has a really fine, jelly-like brush that is great for finishing but doesn’t give me that POW I look for. Use each in that order, and you have a perfect lash. Don’t be afraid to mix products, be it foundation colors, shadow palettes, or mascara.

And that should do it from the both of us! Thanks for talking beauty (again) with us. Come back next week when we talk lips! I’m actually going to try lip color, which scares the daylights out of me. And Kaurie is going to put together a few holiday lip looks. Have a great weekend!


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