Finding Your Wardrobe Quirks, or Revisiting Your High School Style

Trends. Fun and tricky at the same time. Current trends I love: grunge, big plaid prints, destroyed denim, buffalo check, messy top knots… Trends I don’t love: floral prints, lace, miniskirts. I always ask myself, which trends will work for me? And I usually try my favorites out on a budget. But if you’re trying every trend, you begin to wonder if you’re dressing like every other woman your age. I get it. I have those thoughts all the time. That’s when I ask myself, what pieces in my closet make ME ME?

I love to embrace my wardrobe quirks! When I say quirks, I’m talking about the pieces that are risky or seem questionable to others, the pieces that make others go, hmm. Not sure I would go there. But when used properly in your outfit, your funky pieces, the pieces not many others have, just make you you. So in the next couple of weeks, I’m posting on some of my favorite wardrobe quirks in my closet. Will you like my pieces? Maybe. Maybe not. And that’s the fun of posts like these…
So back to my wardrobe quirks. When I thought about my favorite funky pieces, I realized that two of the pieces I’m going to talk about in my “quirk” series are pretty close to pieces I wore tirelessly in high school! Weird. Because when I think about my fashion in high school, I get sad.
First up…my glitter shoes. Since they are such a statement piece, I dialed down the rest of my outfit to accommodate them. The basic colors and pieces in my clothing help them to stand out.
In high school, I wore a multicolored glitter belt with my flare jeans. I loved that belt. I love glitter and sparkle. People who know me well kind of joke about it a bit. And it’s fine! I think it’s funny that a 31-year-old mom loves glitter as much as a 7-year-old girl. My Christmas stocking at my in-laws’ house is full-on silver sequins. Glitter/sparkles just make me who I am! And though I’m 31, I don’t want to give up my sparkles. So these sneakers fit right in to my casual wardrobe and make basic pieces like long-sleeved tees, scarves, and jeggings all the more special.
Outfit details…
Gray shirt: Old Navy (size up 1-2 sizes if you want to layer under these tees)
White shirt (underneath layer): Kohl’s
Scarf: Old Navy (in store)
Earrings: Stella and Dot
Bracelet: Stella and Dot 
(my favorite bracelet of all time)
And here’s a preview of my other two quirky pieces…
Neon Pink Docs

Camo print/camo and bright pink pom pom stocking cap

Today’s style challenge: Think about your wardrobe quirks. What pieces will you always love?
Thanks for stopping by! Check back later this week when Kaurie (my make-up guru sister-in-law) and I tag team on a lip color post. (Our eye make-up post can be found HERE and our face make-up post HERE.) I am actually experimenting with lip color (like BOLD color), and it is the scariest thing I’ve ever done in my make-up routine. I will talk to you about that experience, and Kaurie and I will show you some holiday lip colors you can try out for your holiday gatherings! 

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