My Imperfect Life (in a J.Crew Oversized Turtleneck and Another Wardrobe Quirk)

Messy house. Eyes rejecting contacts. Laundry piled up. Baby crying. Christmas presents to wrap. Workouts and meal preparation to be done. Sound familiar? This week has forced me to examine my priorities. Every so often, I find myself having to literally write down a ranking of what is most important to me in my life.

I love blogging. I love the good that comes out of it. I love getting messages from readers who say that this post or that post was beneficial to them in some way. But there’s bad in blogging, too. Like picture taking (for me, anyway)!
I am just like any normal woman and will micro-criticize every single picture I take. And this week was a Struggle (with a capital S, if you didn’t notice). I am not a Kardashian/Jenner or a professional beauty blogger, so I cannot take a good selfie in a short amount of time. I am not a sponsored blogger, so I don’t have professional photographers lined up to work with me. I had so many good ideas for posts, but the whole picture taking/subpar picture output situation has prevented me from blogging for a bit. Truth is? I really don’t like people seeing bleh pictures of me. (And yes, bleh is a word, at least in this circumstance.)
As I was getting ready to take this week’s pictures on my husband’s lunch hour, I looked around at my messy house. I thought about what I was neglecting by blogging. So this week’s pictures are a little rushed. In eyeglasses. And inside. That cold weather, THOUGH….Yuck. 
But I’m sharing the pictures anyway. Even before taking outfit pictures for the week, I’m telling you that I took so…many…lip color pictures that I nearly went insane. (Kaurie and I are actually just finishing up that post, so it will be up very soon.) It’s a messy, imperfect life I live, with bad pictures. A good 95 percent of my blog pictures aren’t great. But this former perfectionism addict is *trying* to embrace life’s imperfections. 
As many of my Facebook friends know, I went to the Mall of America for the first time this past weekend. I would love to blog about that experience in the near future. One of the stores I had to check out was J.Crew. I love the J.Crew Factory store near my hometown, but I had never shopped at a real J.Crew until last weekend. And you regular readers also know that I became enamored with the J.Crew catalog and styled a copycat outfit for Christmas morning in THIS POST.
I ended up purchasing this oversized turtleneck and even went up one size from what I usually wear in J.Crew tops. 
Several bloggers I follow are sharing their holiday outfits for several different occasions. I see them in feathered skirts and sequined tops. All are such cute outfits, but I just come back to the same thought: I would look ridiculous if I showed up wearing that outfit to any of my holiday gatherings this year. All of my occasions this year are super casual. But that doesn’t mean you can’t step up a casual “base” outfit with fun accessories!
First, I tried the oversized turtleneck with boyfriend jeans and sparkly heels. I LOVE mixing slouchy casual with glam accessories.

Since I’m not a fan of necklaces with turtlenecks (or statement earrings on me but love them on most everyone else), I chose to upgrade to a full-on arm/wrist party with my bracelets.
Not a fan of heels? Try red flats.
I know I’m breaking several fashion blogger rules by telling you that you can go casual during the holidays, but isn’t this time of year about enjoying yourself and wearing what makes you comfortable? Do you really want to be fussing with some article of clothing that isn’t really you? OK, now I’m not saying full-on Christmas jammies, but you get the point. 
I love investing in basics that I can dress up or down. Pair this turtleneck or any oversized top in your closet with leggings and cute boots. That would also look great. Bonus points for trying print on print by adding a leopard print boot or plaid flat. So fun! (Psst…I talked about stripes being a great base pattern for basic pattern mixing in an earlier post. Check it out HERE.) 
And I also wanted to show you how I paired this turtleneck with my jeggings and neon pink Doc Martens. I am wearing this outfit for errand running this afternoon and for taking the kids to see Santa with live reindeer this evening! 
Last week, I talked to you about wardrobe quirks (see my last post on my favorite glitter sneakers HERE), or funky pieces that define your unique style. I LOVE DOC MARTENS. My parents bought me a brown pair for Christmas when I was 14, and I wore them for so many years. I went away from them in college, and I am sad that I don’t know where they are right now. So in a full circle fun Christmas present story…my parents bought me these pink ones for Christmas last year, at age 30. So 16 years later, I got my second pair of Docs. I just love the grungy vibe that Docs have. And the pink? LOVE even more. They change up a basic look. 
I hope you take time to enjoy your holiday season. It’s going by so quickly. My posts will be less frequent for the next few weeks, as my volunteer photographer and I are busy making Christmas memories with our littles AND gearing up for a week’s worth of family and friend time in Illinois. I will do my best to post here and there, but if you don’t hear from me for a while…that’s why! (But I do have a fun holiday nail post coming your way very soon featuring another special guest!)
Turtleneck: J.Crew
Boyfriend Jeans: Target (wash shown above no longer available)
Heels: Nine West (old)
Bracelets: Stella and Dot (renegade cluster in gold, Christina link in gold, Arrison stretch in silver, pyramid stud cuff in silver)
Red flats: Target (old)
Jeggings: American Eagle
Pink Doc Martens: Von Maur

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