Trying Out the Bold Lip and Kaurie’s Lip Picks

Confession: I have never worn lip color, and my lip routine was that of a nine-year-old girl’s until about a month ago: lip balm only and clear gloss if I dressed up. I have been afraid of color on my lips ever since I can remember. I thought for many years that it would age me or make me look like someone I’m not. And truth be told, I like the heavy eye/basic lip make-up look.

But as I looked at myself in recent pictures, I knew I needed to branch out past the Nivea lip balm. I looked a little washed out. 
So how are all make-up crises averted? By visiting your favorite make-up consultants. This time, I went to Ulta and got matched up with an everyday gloss first…so I am currently wearing Bare Minerals Marvelous Moxie Buttercream Lip Gloss in Sassy Sorbet. It is a mauve color that I NEVER would have chosen on my own. Because mauve was the dominant color my mother used to decorate our home in the early ’90s. THAT’S when mauve was popular. But I really love the lip gloss – it’s easy, and it’s not too out of my comfort zone. And I think the color complements my skin tone well. Though the gloss is a little pricey for some, I justify it because 1. I have a unique way of talking myself into nearly anything and 2. it’s a color that I will wear multiple times a week, not just for a special occasion.

On most winter days that I venture out in public, I usually start with a little bit of Aquaphor on my lips. Then I apply Marvelous Moxie lip gloss over the Aquaphor. If my lips are really dry, I will use an exfoliator, like this one.

But I wanted more than an everyday gloss. I wanted to try out that bold lip. Just to say I did it. Just to calm the nagging “would that ever look good on me” question. So after doing some research and listening to people who know way more than I do about lip color, I decided to try out NYX soft matte lip cream. I wanted to try a red lip for the holidays and a bright fuchsia because I love pink. I have no idea what I’m doing picking out colors, either. I actually looked for color swatches on Pinterest and chose a red and pink closest to the look I had in mind in my head. So here we go (deep breath).
Here I am in the Monte Carlo color. I thought for sure I would favor the pink, but I really dig the red! Awesome holiday lip color. This red lends a little pink.

And here we have the pink shade, Addis Ababa. I love this shade: so fun and bright.

Verdict on the bold lip: on the fence. I like both shades, but it’s still kind of jarring to look in the mirror and see so much color on my lips! It doesn’t feel comfortable. Yet. But I don’t dislike these looks, either. 
Verdict on the product: amazing product at a great price point. Stays put for a long time. The matte distinction scared me a little at first, but adding the Aquaphor under it really helped to make it a creamy/glossy finish all in one, something more in my wheelhouse. Someone who does not wear lip color all that often can rest assured that this addition to the make-up collection will make only the smallest of dents in the budget. I got these for $5.99, and they were buy one, get one for 50% off. I ended up spending under $10. Not bad!

Here’s a picture of the swatches I referenced in the blog today.

DISCLAIMER: Can I be real with you right now? I tried to take lip pictures three times, and I am using the first ones I took. The lighting isn’t great. I call this filter “the bathroom light while the children are nestled all snug in their beds.” (And if you’re wondering, there is no filter on these, other than my legit bathroom lighting.) And if you didn’t notice, I was multitasking that day…I got dressed for my workout before I took the lip pics. So I’m wearing a workout shirt. That’s real life, just like I talked to you about in my last post. 

Now for Kaurie’s take…Kaurie is the person you should listen to on lips. I am just a little girl playing in big girl make-up compared to her expertise!

Kaurie says…Lip color was the culmination of my makeup revolution. In the beginning, as with a lot of things, it’s very uncomfortable. You see pictures of women looking gorgeous wearing these bold colors, you take the plunge and try one out, look at yourself in the mirror, then feverishly scrub your lips raw in horror. Trial and error. Period. Not every color is for you. It takes multiple tries with multiple colors.
My first piece of advice while exploring new colors is to first apply your full face. Don’t have just a moisturizer on and try a deep wine lip. It will absolutely not translate, and you’ll feel like a clown. I go the extra step and do my hair, also. This will allow you to see the full picture.
One day early in my lipstick exploration, I was at Walgreens getting a prescription. I saw a sale on Fergie’s Wet N Wild lip colors for a dollar a stick. I could not resist. I grabbed 10 different colors. My thought was to try out colors without having to go to a Sephora or Ulta and swatch on my wrist. Which is fine, but I like to be in the comfort of my own home and get the full experience for cheap (a dollar a pop, really?!). So I went home and tried out each color. And loved every minute of it.

I would recommend getting a lip exfoliator. I love the elf one I got from Target. (I bought this one based on Kaurie’s recommendation.) This looks like a lipstick but is a balm with exfoliants in it. It’s the same as using a loofa and an exfoliating body wash in the shower. You’ll have the best luck applying to healthy smooth lips, of course. I always line my entire lip and then apply color directly on top of that.
One more thing I do that’s just a personal thing. I like to overline my lips. Now, I don’t go full on Kylie Jenner where people question if I had work done. But it’s fun to play around. You line your eyes for a particular shape, why not do the same to your lips?
After I apply the color, I highlight. I have an elf liner that has a highlighter crayon on the other side. I use that and a powder highlight to outline my cupid’s bow and at the fullest point of my lower lip. Don’t be afraid to layer products on your lips.

Back to my Wet N Wild experience. I love to buy cheap lip color, find one I love, then take it into a makeup store and ask them to match it. The associates are always incredibly helpful. Lip color from drug stores is very much hit and miss. 
After applying color, I blot with a tissue. I then lay that tissue over my lips and brush my finishing powder over my lips to set the color. Trust me, though, no matter the measures you take or the quality of products you use, getting the color to stay and last will always be a challenge.
Makeup is a very personal thing. You will read blogs and look at pictures, but ultimately, you need to find what works for you. This takes being selfish and taking time to explore. And do not be afraid.

One day you will feel brave enough to step out with a lip color, and you will feel like everyone is looking at you with a stange look on their face. Reality is, there will probably always be one person in public who looks at you and makes you feel uncomfortable when you step out of your comfort zone. Don’t let that discourage you. Wear what makes you happy!

Here are a few of Kaurie’s favorite looks:

Nude lip: Wet N Wild Bare It All

Berry red lip: Revlon Provocateur
Wine lip: Wet N Wild Cherry Bomb
Side note: If you want links to Kaurie’s exact lip colors, don’t hesitate to email me or comment below. Having some minor technical difficulties today with the laptop situation…
Thanks, again, to Kaurie (my beautiful sister-in-law, if you haven’t been reading our recent beauty posts). She volunteered to help me out, and I am so grateful AND am personally using her advice AS I blog about our topics! (I think she should start a beauty blog…) If you missed our eye post, click to read it HERE. If you missed our face post, click HERE

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