Ringing in the New Year at Home: Loungewear/Stay-at-Home Finds

Happy (almost) 2015, my friends! I have never been a big New Year’s Eve person. This year’s plans involve kids, pajamas, take-out, sparkly nails, and an at-home beauty mask. Perhaps a little sad for your taste, but I’m not too sad about it at all. I am, however, such a New Year’s resolution person. Yeah, it may be a little silly, but I love the idea of starting fresh and striving to be that version of yourself you desire to be. I pretty much always fall short in the resolution area, but my tries are usually pretty valiant, and I end up being a person I’m (mostly) OK with.

So what did my 2014 look like? Here are some highlights: 1. Birth of second child, my daughter Johanna Drew 2. Moved from Illinois to Iowa 3. “Career change,” though probably temporary – high school English teacher to stay-at-home mom 4. Earned master’s degree 5. Launched my blog 6. Little sis #2 got engaged

So, yeah…2014, if I really think about it, was probably the most eventful year I’ve ever had. The year that changed me the most. The year that made me focus in on what defines me and what makes me happy. The year of prioritizing.

And speaking of prioritizing…I can honestly say “style” has not been a huge priority for me this week, as I do not plan to venture out in public all too much. Maybe to Ulta. That is a possibility. Isn’t it so true that our motivation and vigor to be stylish ebbs and flows from time to time? So loungewear it is. But I hate feeling yucky in my loungewear, so I try really hard to update my comfy “at home” clothes almost as often as I update my “out in public” clothes. And let’s be honest. My loungewear does find its way out in public at times…

I just can’t do anything ill-fitting or with holes. I actually went down a size in these pants from Target, so I bought the same pair in the smaller size a few weeks ago. I just do not do the grossly baggy thing. Baggy? OK. Loose fitting? Yes. Two sizes too big and falling off? No. (Side note: Is it bad I’m totally OK wearing these pants in public with a black long-sleeved tee?)

Here are my most recent favorite loungewear/at-home cozy finds…(other than the pants linked above)

ROBE: I got a robe for Christmas from my in-laws. It’s from the Charter Club Collection at Macy’s and is in a fabulous gray zebra print. (I can’t find it online, but I did include similar robes in the link above.) It’s my little magical, soft, warm cocoon as I brave the upcoming harsh winter and (in my opinion) a stay-at-home mom must. (Thank you, guys!)

SWEATPANTS: Victoria’s Secret PINK sweats are everything to me. I have a hard and fast rule, though, that any PINK logo must be small and confined to a leg. My favorites are the PINK skinny pant (got on sale in black and gray in-store) and the PINK campus pant (got the black/pink pair in-store, though they are sold out online). The skinny pant is not as long on me as the campus pant, but I can get away with the ankle-length thing with the skinny pant. Not all PINK sweats are long enough for 5’11” me, and I cannot stand ANY PANTS that are too short in length! So I’ve just learned over time what works for me. As for tops, I have always been a fan of the PINK Boyfriend Half-Zip. (I’m wearing mine now and in the picture at the top.) I know some women get all bent out of shape about wearing PINK when you’re older than 20, so if that’s you, wear it only at home! Who cares? PINK sweats are good quality, affordable, soft, and trendy. And everyone wants that! I have several women in my family who are huge fans of PINK sweats.

LONG-SLEEVED TEE: I’m digging the Old Navy Perfect Tee. I own three. It can go anywhere. I actually wore my gray one in THIS POST. I could dress this tee up for a fancier occasion (add a blazer and statement jewels), but I love it just as much with my PINK sweats. (The black and white striped top in the first picture above is a Perfect Tee.) I sized up for a looser fit.

COFFEE CUP: I got this Starbucks mug for Christmas. (It’s so awesome that it gets two pictures in today’s post…)

Seriously, though? This mug was designed for me. I’m almost sure of it. (Thank you, Mom and Dad, and Mom’s elf – my sister, Ashley!) Even when you’re at home in sweats and a robe, you can still celebrate your love of bling (or studs…or both) with your coffee cup. This cup is really just magical. (In case you didn’t catch on, I had a magical Christmas.)

NAILS: When I’m in the home for long stretches of time, I try to take the extra time I have to experiment with beauty. I plan on trying out a few face products tonight, and yesterday, I painted my nails in Zoya Storm, a brand of polish new to me (color pictured above in the first picture). My nail guru friend Deb (check out our holiday manicure post HERE) was so nice to me this Christmas and gifted me with this Zoya Mini Metallic Trio, along with some nail art tools. Thank you so much, Deb! Cannot wait to try it all! But I had to go with Storm first. It speaks to the wannabe rocker chic in me. I love black nails, and when you add a subtle glitter, you’re speaking my love language. (Is glitter an option?)

Have a great New Year’s Eve and a wonderful New Year. I hope you continue with me on my style journey into the New Year. We still have tons to talk about!


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