A Little Camo Print, A Lot of Camo Print: Casual Edition

Let’s get January started! Nothing says January like a snow storm. And below zero temps (hence the inside pics this week…that may be a theme in the coming months). We are expected to get 6-8 inches of snow up here, and I have just realized I have aged myself about 20 years by opening up with weather talk. Anyway…I have made several resolutions for myself in the New Year, and two of them are style-related.

1. Continue to think and research prior to purchasing. Very rarely do I buy clothes, accessories, or shoes on a whim. I do my research. When I see something I like on another blog, Pinterest, wherever, I will find it online and read product details, search for pictures of other people wearing it, etc. If I wait and I’m still thinking about the item a week later, I will start sale stalking, meaning scoping out when the item will go on sale. As I posted on Facebook a few days ago (link to my blog’s Facebook page HERE), I saved $12 following this method for a pair of Target brown combat boots.

2. Spend more time creating outfits versus online shopping. Since I’m fairly sure (at least for today…) I have a decent-sized winter wardrobe, I won’t spend too much more on any winter pieces, though the after Christmas sales were pretty tempting. I will remix items in my current wardrobe and save for spring wardrobe updates in the next few months.
So today’s post was inspired first by my need to restyle some wardrobe pieces and second by a fun trend I have loved for two years and want to talk about: camo print! 
I have been adding camo print pieces to my wardrobe for about two years, and I’ve never spent more than $35 on any one piece. To me, camo is fun and trendy because it has a little bit of edge. And depending on your level of camo love, you can add a bit of camo to your wardrobe through accessories or more camo through jackets, sweaters, pants, etc. So therein lies this post…a little camo, a lot of camo. 
Below are two casual outfits (minimal on accessories to get you out the door quickly) featuring a camo accessory (a stocking cap) and a camo jacket, which is a more full-on camo look.
I forgot to mention that this week is Embrace Your Natural Hair Texture Week on the blog. Since my hair wasn’t straightened, I took a page out of Erin Andrews’ playbook and tried a side braid peeking out of my stocking cap. I really like this idea for ladies like me who have really unruly hair.
Von Maur stocking cap (in-store) | GAP sweater | AE jeans | Target sneakers

If you are a camo fan, one idea to incorporate it is through a jacket. To make the look a bit more polished, look for a longer, cinched waist jacket that is flattering on most everyone. If you can’t find one with a cinched waist, use a neutral skinny belt to cinch the waist yourself. Add skinny jeans or leggings and wedges.
Old Navy jacket (no longer available – last year’s spring version…I have a feeling a new version will be available this spring) | Old Navy Perfect Tee in gray | Old Navy Sweetheart Skinny Jeans (dark rinse finish) | TOMS wedges (taupe) | Stella and Dot stud earrings (my favorite everyday earrings) | Stella and Dot bracelet
If I was looking to add some camo pieces to my wardrobe, here are the links to some I’m liking right now…
A LITTLE CAMO: Camo clutch | Camo Dr. Martens | Camo flats

A LOT OF CAMO: Camo jacket | Camo puffer coat

Come back later in the week for another post featuring more camo but with a more feminine twist!

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