On My Radar: Pinks and Grays

Happy weekend to you! During this extremely dreary time of year, it’s fun/necessary to look forward to what’s around the corner, which I’m thinking Valentine’s Day and SPRING! To transition my wardrobe from winter to spring, I love a pastel palette, so I’m talking pinks and grays today.
Here are a few pieces I’m loving right now…

(image via target.com)
First of all, how fun, right?? I know this pink is far from a pastel, but…I love pink. So here we are.
As the temps hover in the 30s and below where I live, I am trying not to mind the cold as much by wearing fun stocking caps. (See my camo and pink stocking cap I featured in this post.) Stocking caps offer a cheap way to switch up your outerwear look because honestly, how many times have you already worn that coat you will put on next time you go outside?
I saw this hat in a post on Hello Fashion. She mentioned that this stocking cap was actually in a girls’ size…I loved it but thought (size-wise) no way for me. But I found it at my local Target, tried it on, and it fit! To me, the color of the hat is brighter in person. Look for me to wear this cap in a future post. So I busted my “shop my closet” goal with the purchase of this hat. Oops. Well, that was fun while it lasted.

(image via ae.com)
Most faithful readers of mine know about every second or third post will feature a pair of AE jeggings. I love the blush pink hue in these, and the destroying gives them a bit of edge. I would love to pair these with a gray sweater in a winter-to-spring transition outfit.

 THE LIMITED Kiss on the Lips Sweater

(image via thelimited.com)
Look for this sweater to be featured in an upcoming post on this trendy print. I bought this sweater because it’s on MAJOR sale AND comes in tall. That was my whole problem with The Limited before…I always wished the sweaters were longer. So I’m hoping I’m not disappointed.
Though you see it styled for a work look on the website, I’m going to try casual and dressy-casual.

(image via fabletics.com)
I am fairly new to the Fabletics game. I only have one pair of workout capris so far, but I love this cardigan (in heather gray) for pretty much any occasion. I love the possibility of going from workout to errand running in this sweater. I’m putting this one on my wish list…
(image via vonmaur.com)
I was running into that weird phenomenon where I had boots and flats but not very many casual sneaker options for jeans. And not counting my slip-on sneakers that I wear in warmer seasons, I mean like one other option. (See my glitter sneakers in this post.)
I knew I wanted to try this specific pair, but I was torn: The light gray color (dolphin), black, or white? Wearing anything white when you have two small children is perhaps against my better judgment, and I thought the gray might be just a bit more versatile than black. So I snagged these at Von Maur a few days ago.


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