The Free People Sweater Styling Saga: Part III – Work Attire

Once upon a time, I dressed up to go to work. I actually liked putting outfits together for my job as a high school English teacher. And truth be told, I still think about work attire since I’ve only been a stay-at-home mom for seven-ish months. I am also considering jumping back into the work force soon, so long story short, I still have my finger on the pulse of business casual wear.

My work look is quite similar to my date night look. The pants and necklaces are the same; I just added some more conservative elements (and a pop of “fun” in my bracelet). 
BLAZER: I love the versatility of a blazer. I won’t waste your time talking about why at least one blazer needs to find its way into your wardrobe. Check out pretty much any style blog, and you will see the blogger sing its praises. However, I will say the blazer establishes authority, which is so important (obviously) as an instructor. I think the blazer also serves as a finishing touch to a polished outfit. I personally like a three-quarter sleeved blazer for a more relaxed vibe that pairs nicely with a graphic tee for a more casual look. 
FLAT BOOTS: I added the over-the-knee flat boot to break up the “suit” look. There’s certainly nothing wrong with a “suit” look at work, but I also try to find a nice balance of looking authoritative and “current.” These boots are trendy but are not too trendy to break up the professionalism established in the outfit. OH. And every time I tried to wear heels to work, I regretted it. So there’s that situation, too.
JEWELS: I always try to use jewelry to make my look unique. My clothing combination here is nothing super crazy, but my jewelry helps me establish my personal style. Note the bracelet with spikes that I added to this outfit. The touch of edge helps me feel like me, even in a professional setting. If you’re at work for at least 40 hours a week, shouldn’t you like what you’re wearing? Yeah?
When I was working, I thought it was important to, as I said, stay both professional and current and also true to my personal style, within reason. No, I’m not going to wear my destroyed denim and combat boots to the office, but little touches here and there allow me to establish my inner rocker chic. 
And here we have a recap of this week’s looks in the ever-so-amazing Free People Sudan V-neck Sweater…
Friday’s Outfit Details…
Stoosh Blazer (via my sister’s closet…whoops. But really, it’s old and from Von Maur) || Free People Sudan V-neck Sweater  (in taupe) || Old Navy The Long Pixie Pants (in black jack III/wearing regular length) || Chinese Laundry Riley Over the Knee Boot (limited sizing, I bought mine from Von Maur) || Rebecca Minkoff Mom Necklace || Stella and Dot Rebel Pendant (in gold – do we understand yet that I wear this all the time??) || Stella and Dot Jacinthe Bracelet
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Thanks for stopping by this week! If you are accessing my blog on your phone, I had some picture conversion issues, so the pictures may look blurry in the post, but when you tap the pictures, they should look a little clearer. Thanks for understanding!



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