Dressing for Game Day and Date Day: Beyond Sporty Casual

In my last post, I showed you a very simple sporty casual look appropriate for a basketball game (I went to an amazing one last week.) I’d like to think my look is a tad more exciting than the hoodie, jeans, and sneakers combination I see so often at ball games. Maybe it’s the Midwest. Maybe it’s small town America, but I don’t typically think basketball game when I am thinking of places where I will be sartorially inspired. (PSST…Check that last post out HERE if you missed it.)

I enjoy practical advice in life (in all facets of life), and I hope you know that I don’t typically dress like a blogger. I try to provide practical tips for women, and I pretty much despise 95 percent of skirts, so I guess we could all agree that I am definitely not your typical stylish blogger in sunglasses with beautiful images on Instagram. Believe me, I love looking at those photos and appreciate the next blogger’s style, but there comes a time in your life, especially as an adult woman, when you really have to take a hard look at yourself and say something to the effect of self, you are not a skirt person. You really do wear skinny jeans well, though.

But sometimes you’re stumped, and at that point you might say, self, let’s check out Pinterest because I really have no idea how to style this college tee. When I searched “how to style a college tee” on Pinterest, I only found one picture that really spoke to me, and even so, my tee really didn’t work well with the suggestions given. So back to the drawing board!

So now that you’ve seen a casual look, I want to show you two other looks I had in mind, had the game been an evening one (or if a snowstorm was not involved).

I added a blazer and statement necklace to make the look dressier and interesting. I like the marrying of the sporty in the tee and the glam in the statement necklace. The blazer, to me, adds polish. And keeping the whole “we’re in a gym” concept in mind, I chose destroyed denim skinnies and black flats to still keep the look a little casual.

Not digging the whole college tee thing? I have you covered. I am really intrigued by celebrities who wear heels to games, and if you lean more toward glam or elegant in your personal style (and shy away from natural or sporty), just pull out a school color and add denim, heels, and statement jewelry.

Sorry about the static cling action. MOM LIFE = folding a load of laundry fresh out of the dryer prior to taking blog pics..

And as for the lack of decent pictures…I had to hurry it along on this day because the plan was to take the pictures during nap time. But…

So the last set of pictures is pretty rushed. But my boy needed his mom.

In the last outfit, I went with a dressier shirt in purple (to match UNI colors) and kept the look simple by keeping the destroyed denim but adding a (different) statement necklace and a mid-height stiletto heel. I don’t really own anything over a 3″ heel, but I honestly think a mid-height heel is the way to go if you must wear a heel. Again, this look is a lot more glam than I tend to go for a sporting event, but if you’re going somewhere special after the game and want to look a little more put together, swap out the college tee for a dressier top and the flat for a (conservative) heel.

What would make this look even better is more texture. I envision adding a tweed coat, like this one I showed you a few months ago. (See this post, along with coat details HERE.)

I would love to show you how this coat looks with the outfit above, but I was needed elsewhere… 🙂 

Blazer outfit details…
Stoosh blazer (very old, purchased at Von Maur in the juniors’ section) || UNI men’s tee (Scheels, in-store) || Baublebar Gothic Fang Bib (in gold) || American Eagle jeggings || Jessica Simpson flats (practically older than I am, but I love the shape…I really need to update my pointed-toe black flats. Thinking of these from Target…thoughts?)

Glam outfit details…
 Express Portofino Shirt(in brilliant grape) || Stella and Dot Femme Fatale Necklace (no longer available – my very FIRST S&D purchase…tear…the memories…) || Stella and Dot Hematite Studs || American Eagle jeggings (see link above) || Nine West pumps (even older than my J.S. flats…)


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