Sometimes I Still Get It Wrong…Styling Those Difficult Pieces

Do you ever get so mad at yourself for purchasing something that just doesn’t work in your wardrobe? Before I got (somewhat) of a handle on my personal style, I would make bad purchases all the time. In the past, I would be attracted to a pant, top, necklace, whatever – so I’d buy said piece. But when it came time to style it, I was stumped. FRUSTRATING. 
Now when I try to add pieces to my wardrobe, I try to think about the purchase prior to buying – how I would style the piece, what it would pair well with, etc. But today I wanted to show you how I still make “iffy” purchases at times. 
First of all, we have the case of the difficult tunic. I love the tunic/leggings look. It’s a pretty classic and comfortable pairing, so in theory, it would be quite simple for said average woman to find tunics and leggings to recreate this look. However. I’m 5’11, and 95 percent of tunics are still not long enough for me. But last fall, I found an oversized tunic in a safe color (charcoal gray) online. When I got it, however, I soon realized it was really big (I should’ve sized down). In all fairness, I could’ve exchanged it for the smaller size, but I wasn’t sure if the smaller-sized tunic would be long enough. Hashtag tall girl probs. And have you ever had to go to the post office with two small children? Yeah. So I stuck with the slouchy tunic, vowing one day to figure out how to style it. 
And then we also have the liquid legging situation. As most of my faithful readers know, I love a rocker chic edge in my life. But I just don’t feel like I can commit to a pair of leather pants due to cost per wear. So when I saw these Old Navy liquid leggings on several blogs I follow, I figured they would suffice/substitute for a pair of leather pants. At $19 (at the time of purchase), I thought I’d give them a try. But when I put them on, I felt that nearly all of the tops I tried to pair with them just didn’t work. In full disclosure here, I have tried four or five different times to style the liquid leggings for the blog. I actually took pictures of one outfit I thought worked, but when I looked at the pics, the sweater and leggings just didn’t jive.
By nature, I am a determined person. I don’t like to give up, even if it’s for something as silly as styling liquid leggings and a baggy tunic. So while I was in my closet a few days ago, I was feeling extra determined and tried to style both difficult pieces together. 
I decided to think about layers and textures. My problem with the leggings in my closet was that most of my tops did not offer enough coverage. I am not a leggings as pants person. So I started with just the tunic and leggings. Lengths/proportions – good, overall look – BORING! Then I grabbed my chunky cardigan sweater and my quilted slip-on sneakers to add interest and texture, and I liked the overall result. I felt like I achieved comfy, casual, and a little bit of rocker chic all in one outfit. 

So when you have those difficult pieces in your own wardrobe, I challenge you to think about using them as layering pieces if they can’t stand alone. Also consider adding a few varying textures to the outfit so the difficult piece works in sync with the other pieces in the outfit.
And I had to end this post by including a picture of my favorite firefighter/aspiring blog photographer. Pictures during nap time weren’t the greatest, so Daddy and I stepped out on the back porch right before dinner to take a few more while little sis was asleep. But my big boy wanted to supervise!
Outfit details…
Forever 21 textured cardigan (sold out) | Old Navy Liquid Leggings | Target slip-on sneakers || Stella and Dot Rebel Pendant
Did you check out my lip print sweater post? Next week, I will show you how I’m styling it post-Valentine’s Day. Have a great day, and thanks for stopping by!


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