All Bundled Up in Neutrals and Textures

So…how’s that winter wardrobe working out for you? I know, right? I’m bored with mine, too. But I’ve had a little bit of fun playing around with textures and neutrals. 

Warmth was on my mind when I created this outfit. And what’s funny is that I created this outfit with pieces I had in my suitcase when my little family and I traveled back to Illinois for a short visit.
I started by thinking about three neutrals I wanted to use: cream, black, and taupe. So I tried to make sure I used each neutral shade twice for some continuity in the outfit. 
Then I thought about textures. I tried to balance the chunky cable knit sweater with some chunky boot socks and a tweed coat. I went with destroyed denim because A) that’s what I live in these days and B) it added another texture and more interest to the outfit.

The scarf came about because it was flippin’ cold last weekend and because I wanted another bit of taupe to balance the taupe in the booties. I also wanted to showcase the pop of red in the scarf by adding a red leather crossbody.

You faithful readers have seen all of these pieces on the blog already. But I tried to remix them to show you that you can still get some mileage out of your go-to winter wardrobe staples. Honestly, the best advice I can give you is to spend some time in your closet playing around with the clothes you own. If you want a challenge, throw some random stuff in a suitcase next time you travel and see what you come up with…that’s how we have exhibit A, the outfit featured in today’s post. Winter is here to stay for a few more weeks, so take the time to remix your favorites!

Outfit details…

Old Navy cable knit sweater (out of stock) || Old Navy tami (in ivory – find in store) || Target scarf || American Eagle Jegging || Old Navy socks (in store) || Steve Madden Cinch Boots (sold out pretty much everywhere I looked) || Michael Kors Messenger Bag (fun fact: my DAD picked this out for me for Christmas…how cool is that? Way to go, Dad.)


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