Transitioning to Spring: Lighter Layers, Lighter Jeans, and Swapping out the Boots

Oh, the irony of writing a “transition to spring” post as we get another good amount of snow…I jinxed us, northeast Iowa. Sorry about that.

So spring will come. It always does. It actually may do your mental state some good to think about spring for a while, so let’s do it!

Here’s a variation of a winter-to-spring outfit I put together recently for a breakfast with my MOPS group. I think I work better under pressure because (if I remember correctly) on this morning, I had about 10 minutes to get ready (hair, outfit, make-up).

SOOO bright. Pics were both inside and outside today…

Looking to create a similar outfit? Consider these tips.

1. Still layer, just more lightly. 

I am always cold, and chances are that winter-to-spring weather will still be pretty cold, too. But instead of a bulky warm sweater underneath the vest, I went with the lighter turtleneck. I’m still covered and warm but not in a thick sweater. Woo hoo! Out of sweaters!

The vest, though it seems thin, is actually pretty warm. I like the thin quilted vest because I think it says, I totally know it’s still winter. I’m not that naive. 

2. Lighten up (the wash in your jeans)! 

I always think a lighter wash in denim translates well in the springtime. It also helps you break away from all of the dark denim and black you’ve been wearing…oh wait. Is that just me?

When you shop, look for a lighter denim that is flattering for your shape. For example, I have thicker legs, so I may not go for a light skinny jean. As you can see here, I went for a boyfriend fit.

3. Boots, you’re out. Sneakers, you’re in.

Invest in a casual sneaker, whatever that looks like to you. And I’m not talking about a workout or running shoe. The sneaker should have something a bit special about it, something that makes it different from a running or workout shoe. It should be flattering on the foot. My running shoes make my feet look long and wide, but dang, they are comfortable. And they would look way too wrong with this outfit.

I was drawn to these New Balance sneakers because of the metallic detailing. I knew New Balance sneakers were on trend for spring (seriously, they’ve been featured in like every blog I read), but it took me a long time to find the right pair for me. I knew the charcoal gray would pair well with pretty much everything in my closet, and I am loving the rose gold!

I understand New Balance sneakers aren’t for everyone. I tend to have a sportier vibe to a lot of my looks, but if you lean more feminine and elegant in your style, try a pair of Keds. Since I love glitter, I opted for a pair of glittery Keds (See them in THIS POST.). But seriously, though. Sneakers are in, and we moms NEED to take advantage! Right? Right.

P.S. Still cold? Add a beanie. Seriously, you’ll be warmer than you think.

Outfit Details…

J.Crew turtleneck (limited sizing available) || Old Navy Vest – no longer available || American Eagle Boy Jean Crop (last season) || New Balance sneakers (precious metals collection – I highly recommend) || Stella and Dot Studs || Old Navy beanie (check in store)


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