Pastel Mixing

OK, it’s finally March! I officially boycott thick sweater wearing from this point forward. We are done with that craziness. My thoughts are going right from burgundy to blush, from hunter to mint, from black to soft gray, and so on…

Since I’ve been in a pastel drought for so long, I thought to myself, why not pair two of my favorite pastels together? So here we are.

I do not typically think of orange/peach (or, as Target calls it, whipped papaya) and mint green together (If you guessed mint green for the tote color on Facebook, you were right!), but to me, this pairing feels fresh and spring-like. And adding a cardigan with a little bit of structural interest makes the outfit look a bit more polished, but when you really get right down to it, the base of this outfit is a t-shirt, jeans, and sneakers. I love the idea of starting out with a familiar “base” (in this case, the tee, jeans, and sneakers) and adding extras to make the look uniquely yours.

Side note: After a MAJOR closet purge, I realized I have about 700 solid color tees, so I will be looking to add some printed tees and interesting cardigans to my spring wardrobe. I also have my eye on lighter denim and (GASP) white denim. I have always been afraid of white jeans, but I am on a nearly spiritual quest to destroy this fear and secure the perfect pair of white jeans for my shape. I may not win this battle, ladies, but I will sure try.

Outfit details…
Target cardigan || GAP tee (old) || American Eagle jegging || Converse sneakers || Old Navy tote || Stella and Dot rebel pendant || Stella and Dot Cleopatra studs || Stella and Dot pyramid stud cuff || Stella and Dot arrison stretch bracelet



  1. Michala McWhirter March 5, 2015 / 1:44 am

    Closet purge in which I purchased about 90% of what you purged. Haha.

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