Finding Your Everyday Style

“If it [isn’t] broke, don’t fix it…” (Sorry, but I just can’t use the word that typically goes into that phrase. I just can’t. I respect the English language too much.) This phrase applies to so many of my style mantras. Why deviate too much from silhouettes, pieces, fabrics, textures, etc., that work for you in terms of lifestyle, body type, etc.?

My everyday uniform usually includes a cardigan, a tee, a skinny-leg pant, and flats. Then I sprinkle in some fun with jewelry and other accessories.

I really don’t deviate from this “momiform” due to the following reasons:
1. All pieces are washable, so if I hypothetically get chewed-up banana on them, I’m not going to cry about it.

2. All of the pieces are wearable. I have a self-proclaimed “crazy boy” on my hands, along with an 11-month-old baby girl who is thisclose to walking. I’m chasing kids all day, and I need to be able to move and feel covered at the same time.

3. All pieces can be dressed up or down, depending on occasion. All of my former co-workers (who paid attention to my wardrobe) can probably see that this current “momiform” I’m working with isn’t too far removed from typical outfits I would wear to work. I would just swap the jeans out for a skinny dress pant.

4. I feel good in these pieces! I’m not going to be tugging on my shirt all day or constantly living in fear of what I look like. I’m comfortable. These pieces have stood the test of time for me, and I know they work for me.

My everyday style may not be your everyday style, but consider these tips when you’re trying to figure yours out:

1. What occasions do I need to dress for? Can I come up with something that will work for nearly all occasions with minimal swapping of an item here and there?

2. What pieces do I gravitate toward when I shop? Do I naturally feel good in these pieces, or do I gravitate to them out of sheer comfort?

3. What pieces make me feel confident in what I’m wearing?

4. What pieces excite me in my closet?

If you’re contemplating how to spend your money on clothes this spring, I suggest spending your money on your basics. I spent a good amount of my spring wardrobe budget replacing my cardigans because I wear them so often and in so many different ways. Then I saved on accessories. I am loving Groopdealz right now for jewelry and CANNOT WAIT to show you the cutest statement necklaces I purchased recently. When the time came to update my jewelry recently, my heart said Baublebar, but my spring budget said less than $10 per piece, so I went for it on Groopdealz and was very pleasantly surprised…five bracelets, four necklaces for $57 (including shipping)…yeah, you gotta get on that! I will post about my jewelry overhaul soon.

The bracelet in today’s post was less than $13 on Groopdealz (now Eleventh Avenue), and my clutch was $35 (from Sole Society). I love this clutch because 1. all camo everything is my print mantra and 2. I can use this clutch on its own for a night out (if I ever get one of those) or toss it in my tote bag without pockets so I always know where my phone, keys, and wallet are in the deep abyss that is my tote bag.

Outfit details…

Old Navy cardigan (I’m wearing the tall version, which is no longer available, though the regular version is. LOVE this color, though it didn’t photograph the greatest. It’s called beige blush.)

J. Crew Factory tee (The website wasn’t working for me when I was writing this post…Google “these are the days J.Crew collector’s tee”)

American Eagle jegging (I won’t beat a dead horse here, but you regular readers know my feelings on these!)

Target Sam & Libby flats (so versatile, and the pointed toe flat is so flattering)

Groopdealz/Eleventh Avenue bracelet (check the Groopdealz/Eleventh Avenue website, as their daily deals go quickly!)

Sole Society clutch (I have been dreaming about this clutch since Christmas when it sold out…so glad it was restocked!)


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