Rage against the (Floral Easter Dress) Machine

I want to start this post by addressing my floral-wearing friends/readers. This post isn’t personal, and chances are, you look beautiful in your floral prints. But they’re just not for me.

In general, dresses frustrate me quite frequently. One reason, as you can imagine, is dictated by my height situation. Nearly all dresses I try on are way too short, so I try to just not go there and usually buy pants. But isn’t there a requirement for the entire female Christian population to wear dresses to celebrate the resurrection? I think it’s written somewhere…

My second problem with dresses lies in the prints. It’s hard to find age-appropriate prints for the late 20s-30s demographic especially. I’ve found that there are absolutely adorable printed dresses for young girls and teenagers, and then it’s mostly all downhill from there. We who are older than teenagers must often make do with a print that we often feel lukewarm about, simply because it’s Easter. That is if we go the printed dress route, of course. And solid-colored dresses can often be a tad boring, unless the color or structuring is fun.

Maybe that’s not your experience. Maybe I’m just reflecting my dress rage onto you, hoping we are in a secret club together: moms who don’t like floral dresses. (Wait…can that be a thing?) I can think back on my own indoctrination into the floral Easter dress phenomenon: at age fourteen, my sweet Gram took me to Old Navy, and I willingly picked out a navy blue shift dress with pastel blue Hawaiian flowers and pastel blue wedges. (They were sweet ’90s platform wedges, and I totally wish I had a picture to show you.) As a young teen, I remember loving the freedom to make my own fashion choices but just not really feeling what was being offered to me. Now the platform wedges were awesome, but I wasn’t crazy about the dress. And for about thirteen more years, I wore florals on Easter. That’s what the stores and their ads told me to do, so I did.

After I really got a (somewhat) firm grip on my personal style, I decided floral prints just don’t work for me. I have a little bit of tomboy in my style, along with a little bit of edge (as edgy as a stay-at-home mom of 2 young children can be). But I do love the idea of dressing my best to celebrate the magnitude of what Easter means to me. So I bought a dress. And here it is.

I am really feeling like a striped dress with some structure like this one will be on repeat for me. This one is not an Easter dress I will wear once and push to the back of my closet. I can see it with a blazer and pumps in a business setting, too, or with sandals for a casual summer date. Here I have styled it two ways.

I like the look of the statement necklace and the flat because that’s really the essence of me. However, I can’t deny that the heels may look a tad better than the flats. Dang.

And here is another way I could style this dress for a different, edgier vibe. I LOVE the idea of pairing a dress with ankle boots in the spring. And any day I can wear this necklace is a good day, except when the wind kind of throws a challenge in your picture-taking plans…and you’re worried about your hair and fail to see that your necklace and coat are a bit wonky. Oh well. Real life.

So, long post from me today, yes, but I hope it was helpful! Can I just conclude by saying we are all still friends, even if you love florals? And to my mom readers…I have come to realize as I have grown and developed on my journey through motherhood that you are beautiful simply because of what you do and who you are to your kids. PLEASE don’t stress about bows, tiny handbags, wind messing up your hair, twisted necklaces, etc., on Sunday. Remember why we are celebrating and bask in that awesomeness when you’re tempted to go a little crazy over the smallest of details.

HAPPY EARLY EASTER to all of my readers! He is risen!

Outfit details…
Dress: Old Navy (I am wearing the small tall for reference. I tried the regular dress on in the store, and it was a tad too short for my liking. Bless you, Old Navy, for carrying tall sizes, by the way.)
Cobalt statement necklace: Groopdealz/Eleventh Avenue (can’t remember the specific boutique, but seriously…cute, cheap jewelry on this site!)
Camel perforated tote: Old Navy
Flats: Target (last spring)…here are some that are similar
Peep-toe heels: Target (limited sizing…on clearance, though!)
Olive jacket: Old Navy (limited sizing online…check in-store)
Gold necklace: Baublebar
Ankle boots: Steve Madden Cinch (last fall – pretty much sold out everywhere)
Nails: Essie Lilacism


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