Workout Fashion on a Budget – Part 1

Well, hey there, long lost friends! My posts have become few and far between these days. Sorry! My baby girl will be turning one in a few days, and we recently purchased a home, so my days have been mostly focused on taking care of the littles and squeezing in some time to furiously pin on Pinterest as I try to decide how to decorate for Johanna’s party and what accent colors to use in my new living area. Oh, the decisions a wife and mom has to make.

I wanted to write a “quick” (not really so quick…you know me) post on workout fashion. (I plan on making this a series.) How often do you work out? Since I gained tons of weight in both of my pregnancies (70 pounds the first one and 57 in the second, though Johanna was a half a pound bigger than her brother at birth!), I initially forced myself to become active simply to lose weight. But once I got into a fitness routine, I started to see the benefits of fitness. And I really struggle when I can’t fit in some good sweat sessions. I have found that working out allows me to focus my mind on something other than the demands of being a wife and mom so that when I get back to my family, I have a clear mind. It’s a stress reliever and a healthy escape from the stresses of everyday life. I try my best to work out five times a week.

Getting my running app fired up … I like Map My Run.

I take my runs very seriously…

Now that spring is here to stay (please don’t toy with my emotions, Mother Nature), I am in full “running season mode,” which means 2-3 of my workouts per week are runs. I am running in a 10K in about a week, and I am running in a half marathon in late June. The other workouts are what I can fit in – I’ve had success from Beachbody programs and general weight training I can do at home while the kids are napping. So when I tell you where I buy my fitness gear, know that I really don’t have one specific workout I stick to, so that means these pieces have really held up for me in many different workouts.

So why spend money on workout fashion? I know that it seems like buying cute fitness clothing is an unnecessary expense, but I am ten times more motivated to work out when I have workout clothes I actually want to wear. It seems silly, but if you are trying to make fitness a priority, it makes sense. Whatever you have to do to motivate yourself, do it! I know most fashion bloggers wouldn’t say what I’m about to say, but honestly, wearing some fitness gear to run errands in is totally acceptable. In the next few weeks, I will show you how I take my fitness gear into errand running attire.

Just workin’ on my fitness…in my basement

Here are some of my favorite places to buy workout wear on a budget:

1. Fabletics

I have three pairs of workout leggings (2 full-length, 1 capri-length) from Fabletics. If you don’t know, Fabletics is a monthly “subscription” (about $50/month) for workout gear. On the first of each month, you select an outfit (outfit prices range from about $50-80, with 2-3 pieces included in the outfit) or specific pieces (buying pieces separately, though it’s more cost effective to purchase an outfit) to purchase. If nothing catches your eye, you log on to skip the month (by the 5th of the month), and you are not charged for that month. You can cancel your subscription at any time, but when you have a subscription, you are eligible for VIP discounts.

PROS: The quality is really amazing. These are my current favorite compression (AKA squeeze you in nice and snug) running tights because I am not pulling up the waist while I’m running. I don’t know about you, but I really like to focus on my workout versus adjusting my clothes. The best part for me is that Fabletics carries tall sizes in leggings! And actually, they are plenty long, almost too long for me. But I hate too-short leggings. Can’t do it.

CONS: Sizes go FAST!! I seriously wonder if women are like staying up until midnight on the first of the month to grab all of the pieces I want in my size. SERIOUSLY. I will log in on the first (in the morning, too!), and several pieces I like will be sold out! I skipped for the month of April because of this weird phenomenon.

2. Walmart

I have no shame in saying that I shop at Walmart for a lot of my fitness gear. The Danskin and Avia lines have really worked well for me. If you have a next-to-nothing budget, go to Walmart. The running top featured in today’s post was $12. And since I have a slight camo print obsession, I picked these up yesterday for $12.88. I went with the pink.

Now these are not compression tights, but I love them all the same. If you’re looking for compression tights, try Target. Here are some cute camo compression tights.

But honestly, if you don’t care and want to save a few extra bucks, go to Walmart.

3. Hippie Runner Headbands

I love these! Thanks to one of my fit friends (Kristie) who suggested these headbands, I now have another way to manage my flyaways (I usually braid my bangs.)! I can’t be bothered with my hair in my face when I’m working out. If you buy three headbands at once, you get one for free! I like how they are extra wide, too. Here are three other bands I own.

The camo print obsession is getting out of control…

And just for fun, here is a bonus pic of my tag-along who always steals my resistance band for firefighting activities…

Outfit 1 (running) Danskin jacket, Fabletics leggings, Hippie Runner headbandBrooks running shoes (and no, the running shoes are not budget-friendly…that’s why I have to save on the clothes!)

Outfit 2 (weights) – Under Armour workout top (gift), Fabletics leggings, Nike Fitsole (via Nike outlet store)

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