Mermaid Vibes (Especially on My Nails)

Have you caught wind of the mermaid trend in style/fashion? I don’t know what it is, really…I’m going to take a stab at it, though, and gather that it’s the mystical, freedom thing that mermaids have that make them so desirable and “fashionable”? So I may be a little too old to understand fully, but this trend does intrigue me, especially since The Little Mermaid is one of my top three favorite Disney movies.

But with so many current trends, it’s like, how does one said thirty-something mother of two follow along? Anyone else in that category with me frequently? I’ve seen mermaids celebrated in graphic tees, hairstyles, and now on nails! Here’s how I’m following this one:
1. BRAIDS. I have made the executive decision that I will wear braids in my hair for many more years, disregarding my age, because braids feel like me. Though I probably can’t do the Hilary Duff thing and dye the ends of my hair turquoise, I can wear a mean loose “mermaid-esque” braid.

2. COLORS. I’m going to try to leave the black and gray alone for a bit (and possibly struggle) and incorporate more of the dreamy ocean blue colors into my wardrobe, like I did with this cardigan. Also, I will look to pair this color with other unexpected pieces, like pink jeans (which I’m sort of mildly terrified of…), to create my own look.

3. NAILS. And what do you know…just as I am thinking about this mermaid trend, I see Jamberry has come out with a mermaid nail shield! I am loving this one.

As many of you faithful blog readers know, I have used Jamberry nail shields for years. For those who are unfamiliar with Jamberry, I can explain. Jamberry sells several nail products, my favorite being their nail shields. Nail shields are available in solid colors, prints, and assorted French tips. They are heat-activated (I use my hair dryer to put them on). The shields come on a sheet, and each sheet you purchase will give you 2-3 manicures/pedicures.
I will say that their product is SO much easier to use now than in years’ past. These nail shields in 2015 are adhering to my nails so much better than the shields I used in 2012. Maybe it’s because my technique has gotten better? 
‘Tis the season for fancy nails coming up…graduations, bridal showers, weddings, and the like. My secret for quick and easy professional-looking nails is quite frequently to use Jamberry shields. And I’m sure some of you out there reading (skimming… OK… looking at the pictures) this post will say I just don’t have time for nails. Fellow mom friend, I’m with you, but I feel better when I spend a little time investing in my appearance or doing something just for me. And here’s why I think Jamberry shields work SO well for moms, especially:
1. Dry time. There’s none. I tend to fall asleep before my nails dry when I paint them (because I always paint my nails after the kids go to bed), and then I wake up with the dreaded sheet smudges and lines. With Jamberry, from start to finish, I get a great manicure that will last me for nearly two weeks in about 20 minutes. And when I’m done, I’m DONE! No waiting for them to dry.
2. Convenience/cost. I really don’t have the time to go get a manicure, and when I have the Jamberrys in my home, I can do my nails whenever it’s convenient for me, like when the kids are eating breakfast at 7 A.M. I can also stop in the middle of doing my nails and not fear I will mess my nails up. THAT is priceless, not to mention the shields are cost-effective. I can get 2-3 manicures/pedicures for $15, which is less than the cost of one manicure done at a salon.
3. Style. I LOVE so many of their prints, designs I could not create myself. If you like a trend but aren’t sure about trying it in your clothing, try it on your nails! Not a full-on statement nail person? Try a nail shield on one or a few of your fingers and paint the rest. Here are some Jamberry looks I have done in the recent past.

Polish used: Essie Marshmallow
Jamberry shields used: SNAKESKIN and DIAMOND DUST SPARKLE

Polishes used: Essie’s Chinchilly and Set in Stones
Jamberry shield used: CHEETAH ILLUSIONS

My Christmas 2014 manicure: Poinsettia Jamberry shields

And here are my current favorites…
ARMY CAMO (You knew that would probably happen on this blog, right?)

4. Longevity/no chips. A Jamberry manicure lasts me at least 10 days, and at that time, I’m usually changing the shields out because of outgrowth, not because they’re coming off…If your nails don’t grow as quickly, you could easily have a two-week manicure in the matter of 20 minutes. And pedicures last even longer.
Want to try Jamberry for yourself? Want to shop around for your own shields? Click this link to my online Jamberry party HERE!
If you order from this link, I will personally offer you two of my styling “services”: 1) You can send me a picture of an outfit/dress you are wearing for an upcoming event, and I will help you pick out a shield to match. 2) I will send you a how-to video to help you try them out! You will need a hair dryer, grooming scissors (I use my husband’s from his grooming kit), and a nail file. Jamberry suggests a cuticle pusher, but I personally don’t use one.
Want help picking out shields? Email me at
Extra special thanks to Cara Schmidt, my Jamberry consultant, for these awesome mermaid shields! Follow Cara’s Jamberry Facebook page by clicking HERE!
Nails: Mermaid Tales (c/o Jamberry consultant Cara Schmidt)
Cardigan: Forever 21
Tank: Old Navy
Jeggings: American Eagle
Shoes: TOMS (similar)
Bracelet: Groopdealz
Earrings: Stella and Dot (discontinued)

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