Discipline. And "That Will Do" Fashion.

Hey there…Heather here, in case you forgot…

I haven’t been blogging much lately. And the truth is, I haven’t been styling a lot lately. OK, yes, I have worn some outfits I’ve liked lately, but my photographer isn’t ready at the snap of my fingers. (I know, how dare he have work to do over his lunch break.) He has to work and what not, which puts me in a bind for blog picture taking.

Also, to be quite honest with you, I am trying to be really conscious of my priorities right now, and blogging (among other activities) has fallen down the priority list a bit. I have been thinking a lot lately about discipline in all facets of life – faith-based discipline, fitness-based discipline, motherhood-based discipline, financially-based discipline…and just simply being disciplined with my time, putting the phone down and not checking social media. I want to have the discipline to say, well, I better go pack that box instead of spending 20 minutes trying on outfits in my closet. Or spending 20 minutes on Pinterest trying to find pictures of rooms with the particular paint colors I’m thinking of using in our new home. FYI, we will be moving into our new home in 13 days, so much of my “style time” has been focused on home decor vs. clothing and accessories.

But who hasn’t had a “dry season” style-wise? We women all go through seasons of life in which we say to ourselves “that will do” in our fashion. We can’t rock it every single day. Well, I can’t…I don’t know about you, I guess. Can I just write an honest style blog post today and say that sometimes blogs can be detrimental to our lives when we aspire to have what the bloggers have, in any instance? I sincerely hope this blog is a benefit as opposed to a detriment. I’m just like you. I got puked on the other day. I went to the grocery store in a horrendous outfit the next day…Sometimes moms just kick into survival mode, and style has to take a backseat. That’s so normal! It may not make for a pretty Instagram picture, but that’s life!

That’s why I think it’s of utmost importance to build a closet of clothes you love and can easily style so when you find yourself in these “that will do” times, you won’t be too shaken since your favorite go-to pieces are sitting in your closet.

Since I feel most comfortable in jeans and tees, I make sure I have both of those types of pieces on hand. Always. And jeans and tees that fit me well. If it doesn’t fit, I sell or donate. Plain and simple. Then I make sure to add some unique qualities to my outfits with fun accessories. And since my time for styling and blogging has been limited, I usually stay with my tried and true favorites but remix them.

Moral to the story: Build up your basics, whatever those basics are for you. Add in some fun with colorful accessories or printed shoes, for example.

Outfit details
Tee: Target Merona V-neck tee (in store). Almost went with the neon pink but glad to add purple to my t-shirt family.
Jeans: American Eagle
Necklace and bracelet: Groopdealz
Bag: Rebecca Minkoff Mini MAC crossbody (neon yellow color is from last season – baby #2 push present)
Sneakers: Target

P.S. I bought some real “lady shoes” at Target. I usually lean edgy, colorful, or tomboy-ish in my shoe wardrobe, but since graduation and wedding season is upon us, I figured I would try a heel. And these are a perfect heel height for me and will go with nearly anything. It shouldn’t be any surprise they’re from Target, but I was super excited that they were $14.98. Wouldn’t these be fun to try with a boyfriend jean, too? Stay tuned!


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