Authenticity, Running Shorts, and Home Decor

“Authenticity ranks terribly high on Jesus’s list of required attributes. It’s not how good we are that counts but how truthful we are about how good we’re not.” – Jen Hatmaker

So I am going to start this post by just simply letting you (and myself) bask in the glory that is this statement. Authenticity is something I want to champion on my blog and in my life. I don’t know about you (and maybe I’m operating under a tinge of jealousy these days, if we’re being real), but when I scroll through my Instagram feed these days, I often ask myself, does the woman with a six pack telling me that I, too, can have a six pack after two babies ever just want to go to Dairy Queen? Or just eat because eating is fun? Does the woman who just ran ten miles and got her leg day lifting in on the same day ever have an air compressor crisis that calls her husband away from the home and to Menard’s three different times in one day? I love refreshing social media posts, and I gravitate toward authentic people. I want to be an authentic person. Friends, this mama has been riding the struggle bus trying to find a routine post-the big move. And then whose great idea was it to sign up for a half marathon in the midst of all of this madness? Yep, that would be me.

Truth? I haven’t even wanted to write a blog post in a while. Even more truth? Because I really haven’t worn much of anything besides tees and running shorts for about a month. Oh yeah, there was one time I dressed up for my sister’s bridal shower . . .

Dress from Twirl Boutique in Cedar Falls. Cute baby by Jordan and Heather.
Sisters minus one plus the angel baby (again). One in the middle is Mallory, the one getting hitched. The one of the right is Ashley, my co-maid of honor. 

and another time I dressed up for the one date night I’ve been on in the past two months. Want even more truth? I planned a post on pairing a blazer with denim cut-off shorts, and I could not bring myself to post the pictures. In my eyes, the pictures were horrid. And no, I’m not fishing for compliments – I’m just telling you my truth.

So, though I don’t have anything fashion-related to say at the moment, I have been working on my style. My home decor style. I took a quiz on Pinterest a while ago, and the style I got was “rustic glam.” In other words, I like woodsy, rough accents and glittery objects, too. Kind of different, but I would say the quiz was pretty accurate. In talking with some friends lately, I realized that decorating your home is a lot like planning an outfit. You want pieces to match, and you want an outfit and decor scheme that are unique to your style just like you want cohesiveness in the pieces you choose to put in your living room. There needs to be harmony in an outfit just like in your living room decor. So here’s what I’ve been styling lately.

Here is the “before” picture of my main living room wall before we moved in.

And here is the wall now! 
Still trying to decide what to put in the floor vase (see fake plants on the couch). Pay no attention to the creepy dog… Laziest dog you’ll ever meet, but when there’s picture taking involved, he perks up for some reason! 
Below is a close-up of my favorite part of the wall. Paint went from taupe to gray. Neutrals were the focus, heavy on the dramatic black and white touches. Pops of bling and color add just enough “fun” without going over the top. My description sounds just like a typical outfit of mine! 

Some of my favorite details from the table are below…
I love some bling in my life, but the glitter factor has to be toned down for the husband to feel comfortable…I found this cake topper at Hobby Lobby, took the stick out of it (the part that goes into the cake), and framed it. Perfect touch of bling in a black frame that satisfies both my husband and me.
I also love geometric prints for clothing and home decor alike. Also, one of my favorite tips for adding some patterns into your decor (and not making your house a picture shrine) is by buying 59-cent scrapbooking paper and putting it in your favorite frame.
Same concept here, though this frame is on another shelf in the living room. You KNOW I had to put some leopard print in my home!!
Now most of you who know me well know that I talk about pops of color in outfits. Just the right amount of color against neutrals can create so much interest! I LOOOVVVEEE mint green and gray together, so here are a few ways I’ve incorporated a pop of mint.
Though I just said I love mint and gray, I also equally love mint with black and white. Such a fun statement!
And here we have the wild card piece: the seafoam green deer head with chrome antlers…the hallmark piece in any “rustic glam” home. Husband was not initially on board with this purchase. I just had a gut feeling about it and went for it (online purchase – Near and Deer on Etsy), and it is my FAVORITE part of my living room. Well, my other favorite part is the fact that my living room is fun, inviting, comfortable, and a great place (in my opinion) to make a life with our two little kiddos.
So, to the readers who haven’t forgotten about my blog, you’re awesome. Thanks for bearing with me. More fashion is coming! My husband and I (my husband…) decided we needed to take a break from home decor to even out the old budget situation, so I guess it’s back to designing outfits for me!
But this week, I’ve tried to be present with my kids, even when I’m wearing an old 5K tee and Walmart shorts. 
But I had to rock the Dutch-braided bangs, of course (peace sign emoji). In typical blog fashion (and adhering to my blog name)…what’s on repeat right now? Tees, Walmart shorts (seriously, though, Danskin shorts are pretty awesome), and Dutch braids. I don’t even want to talk about how many times I wore Under Armour slides in public in the past week. So not me. But this is a phase for me. Now that I’m on the imposed home decor break, I’m sure fashion will come calling again. 
Do you like these home decor posts? Want to see more of the Lindenmeyer abode? Or should we strictly talk fashion and beauty? Thoughts?

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