Surrendering to (and Styling) the Dreaded Mom Shorts

Mom shorts are probably one of the many necessary evils in your closet. When the temperatures soar in the summer, it’s time to surrender to them. Can you visualize the shorts I’m talking about? The shorts that you really want to bypass in the store, yet you know you need them for two reasons (at least): 1. They are long enough that you won’t be exposed when you are chasing your kids. 2. You won’t feel uncomfortable about the length of the shorts when you’re hanging around other moms.

I have spent so many summers boycotting mom shorts. I am a firm believer in the notion that stores sell cute shorts for teens and for older women. The ones in the late 20s to early 40s demographic get left behind! And when you’re 5’11” and in that age range, forget it.

Instead of sweating in skinny jeans this summer, I decided to embrace the mom shorts but try to style them my way. I found a pair at Old Navy that aren’t too bad. They are super comfortable and have the destruction that I love.

One way I can style them for a more casual outing is by adding a soft, loose basic tee and lace-up sandals with a dash of simple jewelry. I am generally not a flip flop wearer because I like to have more interest in my shoes. But I am a shoe person, so I like a shoe with interest. I love the lace-up sandal because it’s unique and interesting but also mom-friendly in that I’m not going to trip trying to wear a wedge sandal when I’m carting two littles around. And because I’m me, my lace-up sandals of choice needed a snakeskin print and gold studding.

My go-to “hey, look! I tried” summer hairstyle. Because straightening it is pretty pointless.

Here are some more tips to consider when you decide to surrender to the mom shorts:

1. Create visual interest. How will the shorts I’m potentially going to buy pair with my tops? Do I have a lot of basic tees? If so, consider buying shorts that will add visual interest, or ones with some texture (destructed shorts like I have, for example) or a print.

2. Consider where the shorts hit your leg. If the shorts are squeezing you in the fullest part of your thigh, consider sizing up for a more relaxed look (and so you’ll feel comfortable)!

Happy mom short shopping!

Outfit details
Tee: GAP (old) If you’re new to the blog, just know that I love buying GAP tees in tall sizes online!
Shorts: Old Navy (in-store)
Sandals: Fergie Glow Gladiator Sandal in Snake via DSW (last season but still available on several websites, like Amazon)
Tote: Old Navy
Jewelry: Old Stella and Dot and Groopdealz

And for an outtake picture and in the spirit of being authentic (see last post)…here is how you preoccupy your child while taking blog photos.


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