Dressing Mama and the Kids for the Fourth of July and Beyond

I always love (sarcasm) when style magazines (…cough…In Style…) come up with outfits to wear to a 4th of July barbecue because nearly every outfit featured includes an uncomfortable dress and heels. Like I’m pretty sure I will never be invited to a barbecue that requires me to wear a dress. It’s not my life experience, anyway. And Old Navy wants to sell me predictable flag tees every 4th. Sigh. I don’t want either option. So I’m in this situation where I want my outfit to nod to the 4th yet not look like everyone else’s outfit. Does that make sense?

What are you wearing for Independence Day? I like to incorporate at least one of our nation’s colors in my 4th of July outfit. This year, I chose red. Last year, it was white. Instead of going with blue as a pairing with this year’s red, I am going with neon yellow/bright lemon. The red and neon yellow/lemon combination is unpredictable yet really works for summer. And by shopping my closet for this year’s outfit (no new purchases), I re-purposed a vest that I usually wear around Christmas time. So maybe take a peek at those pieces you bought for the Christmas red color? As for the neon yellow, I’m incorporating it with my favorite summer crossbody, but a fun necklace or flats in this hue would work just as well.

Also, what says Americana more than cutoff shorts and Birkenstocks?

That’s a legit smile. Johanna was walking toward me. On repeat: BIRKENSTOCKS. WITH ALL THE OUTFITS, including running shorts. Whoops.

OK, if you’re not a Birkenstocks fan, I slipped on some gray Converse for a walk with the kids. Still an all-American choice.

Also, same thing goes for my kids in terms of extending clothing pieces. I like their clothes to have longetivty, so while I like to dress them festively for the 4th, I also know they can wear these pieces well after Independence Day.

I promise it sparkled at some point. 

MOM! UGH. PLEASE, no more pictures! It pains me.

THIS. (rarely happens so sweetly, let’s be honest…)

What a perfect pose for the 4th. (And this pose came without prompting.)

And can I just say that this post features a DIY project on my end? I bought Johanna’s shorts on clearance at Old Navy, but I’ve been thinking lately that I want her to develop a style (of course, my style until she finds her own…). So I Googled “DIY destroyed jean shorts” (for an “edgier” baby girl look, if you will), and about 20 minutes later, my baby girl has her first pair of destroyed denim shorts, all for $4! I may blog about that process soon.

Fun graphic tee, destroyed denim, slip-on sneakers…looks familiar, right?

ME: Forever 21 vest (old), Old Navy tank, Stella and Dot studs, Stella and Dot necklace (featured in this month’s People Style Watch magazine), Old Navy shorts, Rebecca Minkoff Mini MAC bag (color from last season), Birkenstock Arizona sandals, Converse sneakers (purchased in-store at Von Maur)
JACKSON: Walmart tank (literally spent $1.50 on it), Old Navy shortsOld Navy sandals
JOHANNA: Old Navy tee, Old Navy shorts (purchased in-store on clearance and DIY destroying by me), Walmart sneakers and bow 
Happy 4th! Thank you, service men and women, for making our great country what it is. I hope all of you readers get to spend a relaxing day with the ones you love. God bless AMERICA!


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