Stitch Fix 1: July 2015. Am I Sold?

I recently signed up to receive Stitch Fix shipments. And why, may you ask? (Wait, you might say, I thought you liked to style people?)

Here’s why…Yes, I do like to style people and myself, but here’s what appealed to me about Stitch Fix:
1. Clothes that are specifically styled for me coming to my door? Sweet.
2. It cuts down on my shopping time. Most of my “free time” involves two small children, and shopping with them proves to be quite tricky. Actually, on second thought, it’s just not a pleasurable experience for any of us…
3. I want a second opinion as I work to rebuild my work wardrobe.
4. I want one-of-a-kind pieces with minimal shopping effort.
5. I get to set my budget.
6. Clothes are easy to return.
Yes, I will say again: I do enjoy picking out my own clothes and clothes for other people. But it doesn’t hurt to get a second opinion or have access to pieces you couldn’t find by simply walking into Old Navy or Target. (Don’t get it twisted, Old Navy and Target. I still love you.)
What is Stitch Fix?
Stitch Fix is an online styling service in which a stylist looks at an online profile you create, which is pretty extensive, and chooses clothes (five items once a month or however often you want your pieces) based on your size (duh..obviously), budget, needs and wants, and your personal style. She knows about you based on the notes you leave her and the questions you answer, all in your online profile. I also linked a Pinterest board in my online profile so she could see outfits I liked. 
What are the costs?
You pay a $20 styling fee that you get as credit if you choose to keep any items. You get a 25% discount if you choose to keep all five of your items.
You have three days to try on and decide what you want. Then (with a prepaid envelope), you send back what you don’t want. Sounds pretty dang awesome, if you ask me.
Why have I waited so long to try it?

I actually have known about it for a year, but I had just had a baby and was not yet ready to build a wardrobe. But now that I have stayed about the same size for the past five or so months, I am ready now!
SO…what did I get???
I actually first looked at my style card, which was created for me by my stylist to show me how she would style these items in my Fix. 
I wasn’t super crazy about the style card (I do what I want), but I think these style cards are great for most anyone who isn’t a little territorial about her outfit planning. 
So…here we go!
First piece: Papermoon Leon Knit Top ($38) 
Second piece: Liverpool Anita Skinny Pant ($78)

Yes, I am aware the tags are still on…You are actually seeing pics of me trying on the pieces for the very first time! #authenticblogger

A little blurry but allows you to see the detail…
DISCLAIMER: Want to know how excited I was to show you all my Fix? I decided that makeup application and hair fixing were secondary concerns…and so here we have it…me basically make-up free (with just a bit of concealer here and there) on the blog. Authenticity, people. Also, I had just traveled back to Iowa from Illinois (5.5 hours, 2 kids, one dog), so yeah. There’s the disclaimer. I’m not trying to knock it out of the park here…
THOUGHTS: The top has a burnout, vintage effect, which I love. The detail at the top makes the shirt unique and special. And the black and white combination is so versatile. The burnout effect, though, makes the top a little sheer, so I will wear a tank underneath, as I do with most every blouse I own.
THE PANTS, THOUGH…To be honest, my initial thought was to not even try them on since I already own a pair of leggings (which are getting to be a little too short) and a pair of Old Navy Pixie Pants in black. But then I felt the pants and saw that they had really flattering back pockets. The quality of the material is so amazing, and like my stylist said on my card (yes, I did read it…), these pants can go from work to weekend. YESSSS. And another honest moment, I am on my second pair of Old Navy Pixie Pants in seven months (due to a hole situation), so I really do need something of better quality that will allow me to wear the Pixie Pants every once in a while versus multiple times a week. And since I told my stylist that I love a skinny pant and that I’m 5’11”, these were perfect. I also LOVED the mid-rise on them. But I’m not going to lie…the price PAINS me. But I’m willing to pay a bit more for quality. At least this time.
VERDICT: Keep and keep.
Third piece: Gorjana Neeva Chain Ear Jacket Earrings ($50)

I could not get a good close-up of the earrings on me, so here you go…I  am wearing them in the first two pictures in this post, but I will get a good pic of them styled with an outfit of mine very soon! Promise.

THOUGHTS: At first, if you know me well, you know that I said, dangly earrings? Um…no. But I actually tried them on and LOVE THEM. The chain detail is very rocker-chic (as I described my style in my online profile), but they’re also simple and pretty. 
A little pricey, but I happen to know the Gorjana brand is a really quality brand. Will I buy every set of earrings in each Fix? Probably not, but these are too unique and fun to pass up. Truth be told, I usually spend $30 or less on a set of earrings.
Fourth piece: RD Style Keira 3/4 Sleeve Split Back Knit Top ($48)
Fifth piece: Margaret M Emer Bootcut Pant in Navy ($98)

THOUGHTS: The top was a little too short for my torso and had a little too high of a neckline to be super flattering on me. I know the main feature is the open back, but I wanted pieces I could wear to work (as I explained in my notes to my stylist). And the pants…too expensive. My husband actually said he liked them. I was on the fence for a minute. You may not be able to tell in the pictures, but they were a little bunchy (extra fabric) in a few areas, which I didn’t like. I wonder if I sized down if they would’ve fit better. I did like the length at least, but…

VERDICT: Send back and send back.
Thoughts: Overall, for my first Fix, keeping 3/5 pieces is not bad. And don’t let the prices scare you because you can set your own budget. I am somewhere in the middle on most pieces budget-wise. I plan on telling my stylist that I would like more color and prints in my next Fix and that I am probably good on pants. I will also tell her about the fit of the clothes, that I will be in between sizes in most all pants, as I am at every other store. Honestly, the quality of these pieces is noticeably better than most of my budget-friendly items in my closet.
If you want to try Stitch Fix and you found this blog post to be helpful, I encourage you (plead with you…just kidding, in a way…) to use the following link to set it up. By using THIS LINK, you help me earn $25 toward my next Fix, which I would love you forever for. And once you set yours up, you can do the same thing and get yourself an extra $25 off by referring a friend!

Currently, Stitch Fix has sizes 0-14, and obviously (based on what you see from yours truly), the company’s stylists can accommodate abnormal heights (tall or short). My one suggestion if you don’t listen to anything else at all? BE THOROUGH in your online profile. I think being thorough and detailed really helped me, and this one is only my first Fix!

Have any more questions about Stitch Fix? Do you agree or disagree with my choices? Leave a comment on this post or email me! Have a wonderful week!

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