Relaxed, Bohemian, and Braided: Styling Your Girlfriend Jeans and Your Hair

I want to turn my head and pretend that it isn’t happening, but I am sad to say that several blogs and style magazines are writing about the demise of the skinny jean. I am a skinny jean/pant girl through and through. Give me a loose-fitting top and a skinny pant, and I feel like myself.

One type that is being touted as the new “in” jean is the distressed girlfriend jean. The girlfriend fit, in my opinion (based on pictures I’ve seen), hugs the body just a tad more than the boyfriend jean does, especially in the hip, but the legs of the jean are looser. These jeans are often cuffed as well.

I have one pair of these said girlfriend jeans. I bought them from American Eagle last summer, and though the fit is called “boy crop,” I think my jeans fall more into the “girlfriend” category because they hug my hips (though the hugging is more relaxed as opposed to the form-fitting skinny jean fit) but are roomier in the legs.

This month’s People Style Watch pictures girlfriend jeans paired with ankle boots and heels alike, so I tried to think of a different way I could style them. Heels are fun every once in a while (at least in my current life stage), and it’s too darn hot for ankle boots right now, so all signs point to Birkenstocks. I LOVE my Birkenstocks, and whenever I can wear them, I will. I seek out opportunities to wear Birkenstocks, actually.

So though I really like the idea of pairing heels and ankle boots with the girlfriend jeans (ideas I will perhaps test out for future blog posts), I decided to play off the relaxed vibe of these jeans and go relaxed on the top, too, with a kimono.

Instinct tells a lot of people to go snug on the top if the bottom is looser (or vice versa), but I think it’s fun to change it up. As I put this outfit together, I also realized it had a bohemian thing going on (loose kimono with some fringe, Birkenstocks, etc.), so I decided to play into the style and added my new fringe tote and went for a braided updo.

Outfit details:
T.J. Maxx kimono (in-store, Say What? brand in juniors’ section)
Old Navy tee
American Eagle crops (old), but HERE are some similar options.
Birkenstock Arizona sandals
Target Women’s Fringe Tote (look below for a better picture…loving this one)
Groopdealz and Stella and Dot bracelets (old)

Speaking of updos, since I’m going back to work soon, I figured I should start fixing my hair on most days because I can’t rely on the topknot every day. And I can’t rely on my naturally wavy hair to stay straight or even wavy, for that matter, the entire day. The frizz struggle is real in the summer. So I was experimenting with my hair this morning and took a pic to show my sisters and mom while I was sitting in my son’s room waiting for him to finish getting dressed. The result was epic. Do you see the best photobomb ever?


Here are a few other pics of the hair. My inspiration was a Pinterest picture my sister Mallory showed me on her phone this past weekend. This style took me about 10 minutes, and I’d say it’s a keeper.

My selfie game needs some work. Or it’s time to train the oldest one to take blog pics when Daddy’s not around. 

And one more item of note…I love my new tote. I almost bought it online at a 10% discount, but I saw that it was available in store. And it was on clearance for $20 in the store! See, it pays to do your research at places like Target and Old Navy. Sometimes buying in store is actually the better deal. I plan on using this tote for school: a little classy/subdued with the black leather-like look but also a little trendy with the fringe.


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