A "Pile on the Color" Outfit Formula (and a short talk on summer hair)

My little fashion quirks, lists of DO NOT EVERs, and the like are extensive. I kind of annoy myself with these self-imposed rules, actually. But today, to focus on the fun aspect of style, I’m sharing one way I give myself the go-ahead to pile on the color in the summer. 

One of my summer rules is to wear neons/bright colors as much as I can, even if it means wearing two brights at the same time. Now I’m not going for resort chic/tourist chic/’80s vixen, so I have to add in the neutrals as well. 
One of my bright color-wearing formulas is right here: one warm bright color + one cool bright color + at least one neutral + one metallic = a fun outfit

Now in some places of work, sandals are not allowed, but gold flats would work here as well.

I love the back detail on this top. My tank underneath is a little wonky, though. And there’s Jack! The blog picture taking is always a family affair.

Outfit notes

I wish all of you could see this light summer sweater in person. Pictures don’t show how bright it is, and I love that aspect. But where you wear your neons doesn’t matter, meaning this formula can be manipulated to work with whatever works for your body type! Want to wear neon pants? Cool! Go for it.
Since the yellow is in the “warm” family, I paired it with a “cool” blue necklace (but the necklace is also pretty cool…get it? Pun?). I showed you this statement necklace from Baublebar in the video I posted to my blog Facebook page recently. For my neutrals, I went with a navy skinny pant and a tan bag, and since the necklace has a splash of gold, I finished the outfit with my gold sandals. 
Yellow top: From Millenium Accessories in Effingham, Illinois. My sister Ashley and I both wanted it, but she let me have the last one in our size. Thanks, Ash…
Tank: Old Navy
Necklace: Baublebar Phoenix Bib (currently unavailable)
Pants: Old Navy
Bag: Old Navy, still available in black
Earrings: Stella and Dot (favorite earrings ever)
Sandals: DSW, sold out in gold/select sizes in silver


Johanna is rocking her neon pink romper. Since Mommy is too afraid of rompers for herself, Johanna wears them instead.
The best we could do. Featuring everyone in my family except the photographer/Daddy.

Outfit notes

I already have 837 (estimated) tees, but when I saw this neon green one at Victoria’s Secret, I said, well, I don’t have a neon green one… So the green tee works as my cool neon, and the pink in my Vans, though not neon per se, is my warm bright color. A metallic bag would work great here, but I’m just being real with you and telling you that the jewelry situation is minimal when I’m at home with the kids all day. And I am loving my black fringe tote right now, so I went with this one instead of a metallic. But to bump this casual outfit up a notch, add a metallic stack of bracelets, a fun necklace, or (like I said) a bag. 
As much as I love my green tee, I love these Vans even more. Here’s a close-up. 

Tee: Victoria’s Secret PINK v-neck tee (in-store)
Tank: (same one linked above from Old Navy)
Shoes: Vans
Bag: Target
Johanna’s romper is from Target (still there – just saw it the other day) and sandals are from Old Navy. 


As you can probably tell if you see me in real life or in my pictures on social media, I rarely wear my hair down in the summer. I have always favored it straight when it is down, though my natural texture is wavy/frizzy/what the heck is it doing. When I straighten my hair in the summer, I immediately regret the 25 minutes of my life I just wasted when I step outside. But I don’t want to go all summer without wearing my hair down (insert whining emoji). 
Enter YouTube and Skinny Meg’s blog. I follow Skinny Meg’s blog pretty religiously, and I read about her use of the curling wand. So, based on her suggestions of tool and technique, I bought one for my birthday, and here I am after my first attempt. 
I sent this picture out to a few friends and female family members, and the look got some positive reviews. Now I don’t want to review the product yet until I have worked with it some more, but just know two things: 1. I do fix my hair. and 2. a curling wand review is coming. (But mostly number 1. I do wear my hair down sometimes.) But seriously follow Skinny Meg. She’s real. She is a mom who struggles but perseveres. She wears her hair up sometimes. I approve.
On her blog, she also talks about how she doesn’t shampoo her hair every day, a habit I am also trying to break. Since I washed my hair last night and slept on it wet, I usually manage my frizz situation by wearing it in an updo the day after. Here’s the picture again. 
This is a low bun that will take you all of three minutes tops and works best with shoulder-length or longer hair. 
1. Tease crown and sides of hair.
2. Pull hair into a low ponytail.
3. Twist ponytail around the base of the ponytail.
4. Secure formed bun with another ponytail.
5. Smooth the crown and sides with a teasing brush (what I currently use) or teasing comb (what I used to use) to ensure teased pieces aren’t showing through.
6. Bobby pin stray hairs as needed.
BOOM. Hair done. Have a great week! Since I’m challenging myself to try more with my hair, I’m going to use the hashtag #rsrhair (rock,style,repeat hair) when I post a picture on Instagram of a new hairdo I’ve tried. I’d love to see your pictures, too!!!


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