Adding Your Personal Style to the Basic Tee/Jeans Combo, as Inspired by Kourtney Kardashian

Over the course of my almost-four years of being a mom, I have had several uncomfortable conversations with other moms. One such hot topic is mom fashion. Some moms are all about fixing themselves up and taking time to develop their look, yet others sarcastically giggle when this topic comes up, as if the phrase mom fashion is an oxymoron. Of course, there are some in between who want to find a balance between having time or a look for themselves versus keeping the care of their children their top priority.

What do I think? I think I really don’t need to tell another mom what is best for her in her stage of life, but I also think developing a sense of style doesn’t have to be as hard as we often typically make it.

Wherever you are in the spectrum…if you are seeking to find your style all while in the crunches of time and budget, here’s a tip I tend to follow…don’t make it too terribly hard. Even a simple tee and jeans can go from one occasion to another.

I actually spend more time thinking about my accessories (shoes, bags, jewelry, etc.) than I do my clothes, believe it or not. Your finishing pieces (your accessories) are almost more important than your clothes when making an outfit uniquely yours. To stay on budget and merely due to convenience, most women I know shop a ton at “big box” stores (Old Navy, Target, GAP, etc.). But when the mom sitting next to you at the park or at church shops in the same stores, you may feel like your look isn’t so special.

Careful accessory purchasing is where it’s at.

Take my outfit inspiration picture for example.

I’m not here to offer social commentary on the Kardashian phenomenon…but what I will say is that I really like Kourtney’s casual style. Now you KNOW I loved the ripped jeans first and then noticed the cap toe pumps and fun book clutch, topped with your basic white tee.
I looked in my own closet to recreate the look.

I know the word basic has a really negative connotation these days, but as a mom of young ones, I cling to basic outfits that I can jazz up a bit. Everyone has her own personal date night style, but I love the outfit above for a casual date night to the movies or for casual dining. 
To show the importance of accessories in your wardrobe, though, here’s an even more casual take.

I’m using the same outfit basics (ripped jeans and white tee) and making the outfit work for me, meaning I personally couldn’t wear cap toe flats and carry a small clutch when I’m out with the two kids on my own. By adding the fringe tote and polka dot Vans to my accessory wardrobe, I am still staying true to my personal style, but I’m not reinventing the wheel with my outfit. Also, I ditched the necklace because if something happened to my rebel pendant, I might cry. Strike that…would cry. And Johanna especially loves tugging on Mommy’s necklaces.
All of my accessories helped me dress for my occasion and took a basic tee and jeans combo up a notch. In both outfits, I’m showcasing my tendencies to dress a little edgier/rocker-ish. I really feel odd saying rocker when I live in Iowa and am a married mother of 2, but I can’t help it. I just love this style. Always have, always will.

Tee from Old Navy
Jeans from American Eagle
Necklace from Stella and Dot
Clutch from Sole Society
Bracelets from Groopdealz and Stella and Dot (old)
Cap toe flats from Aldo (2 years old)
Tote from Target
Sneakers from Von Maur

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