Avoiding Laura Ingalls Territory in Your Midi Skirt

I need to tell you how this skirt found its way into my closet.
On my birthday back in July, I went solo shopping for a bit (which I actually prefer sometimes…), and one of the items on my list was something for my sister’s wedding rehearsal. Hmm…what can I wear that is dressed up, feminine, my style, and something I can chase both kids in without exposure issues? So here it was…the skirt I told myself I would NEVER wear: the midi skirt, on the clearance rack at Von Maur for $23.
I have read many blogs about midi skirts (a cross between a mini and a maxi, coverage extends to the mid-calf), and I (to be honest) have never been drawn to one based on blog pictures I’ve seen. If not styled correctly, one may come off looking like Laura Ingalls. Now I love The Little House on the Prairie…I just don’t want to dress like one of the characters from that series. 
Well, when I tried it on, I loved the fit and told myself I could make it work with tops, jewelry, and shoes I already owned. I also loved the idea of styling it for school, as I will begin teaching again in a few weeks. So since my sister’s rehearsal is coming up this week, I knew it was time to think about styling it. 
To be honest, I am not 100 percent sure how I’m going to wear it to the rehearsal, but since it’s August, I wanted to style it for the warm months of the school year AND try a fall transition. Honestly, I think the midi skirt works for all seasons.

But my favorite outfit was my fall styling of the midi skirt.
Do these glasses make me look like an English teacher?

I pulled the midi up to my natural waist (though you may need to wear it lower, depending on how you style it), the smallest part of me, to create a more flattering silhouette for my shape. To stay true to my rocker-chic style, I added an edgier necklace and studded ankle boots, but at any rate…I like the following formula for styling the midi for fall:
Form-fitting cardigan/jacket 
+ tucked-in tee in a color that complements the skirt 
+ statement necklace 
+ printed midi skirt 
+ ankle boot

I actually tried the midi with a combat boot, and I liked the look of the ankle boot much better since the legs are hidden too much with a taller boot (creating an unflattering look). There you go. I just saved you some time. 
Teachers, if I can tell you one thing to think about when you’re thinking about what to wear back to school, don’t sacrifice your style. Professionalism and your unique style can co-exist. I spent a few years thinking I needed to look a certain way since I was a teacher, and I was just sad getting ready for work because those clothes did not reflect anything about my personal style. 
And here are a few warmer weather midi skirt looks…
I loved the idea of pairing a neon tee with the midi to make it all that trendier (and move it away from Laura Ingalls territory), and comfy shoes like these espadrilles are a great option for teachers.

Here is another, more casual pairing. Now sleeveless usually doesn’t work at work, but I think the pairing of a solid, form-fitting tank and gladiator (lace-up) sandals is a great option for lunch with girlfriends or any semi-casual outing. 
And one final thought/suggestion…
I am only wearing flats with a midi because I am 5’11. I don’t think midis are necessarily off limits for shorter ladies, but I do suggest a decent heel for most everyone who tries one. Taller ladies just have more options with the midi skirt, but you shorter girls can always find pants long enough at any store you want, so I think we are (nearly – but not really…) even.
Outfit details…

Cardigan from H&M (at least four years old)
Tee from Old Navy
Graduated Spike Necklace from Express (thanks, Kelsey!)
Juniors’ Geometric Printed Skirt from Von Maur (even cheaper now!)
Ankle boots from Target (old)
Neon pink tee from Target (check in store for this color)
Black pendant necklace from Kendra Scott
Fringe bag from Target
Black espadrilles from Target (old)
Black tank from Old Navy
Gladiator/lace-up sandals from Target (check clearance section in store)

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