Ankle Boots.

I know I keep pushing you readers (and my Instagram buds) to think about fall, but I love some fall fashion. I think my favorite seasonal transition to style clothes for is summer to fall. You get to keep the warmer temps but infuse some of your favorite fall pieces. LOVE.

One faithful reader, Heidi, asked me about ankle boots, and little did she know that ankle boots are probably my absolute FAVORITE fall wardrobe piece. They are so versatile, though many of us get stuck in the same “tuck them into leggings/skinny jeans” rut. I admit. I do, too.
Heidi asked me to write a post on how to style ankle boots and also asked if any women with certain body types should avoid them all together. 
So, let’s actually start with Heidi’s second question. My answer is NO! Everyone can wear ankle boots. It all depends on the styling. 
Ankle boot buying TIPS…
1. Pay attention to the height of the boot itself, not the heel, first. Then look at the cut of the boot.
When I buy ankle boots, I am very conscious of how tall the boot shaft is (the boot itself, not the heel). If it is too tall, you are breaking up the leg line in a (sometimes) unflattering way. In other words, when you are choosing an ankle boot, see how high it comes up on your ankle, and pay close attention to the portion of the leg where the calf transitions to the ankle. If that portion of the leg isn’t visible, it looks as if the lower leg is all the same width, which isn’t that great for everyone. If you have thin legs, you can get away with a higher cut on your ankle boot, but in most cases, the shorter the boot shaft, the better. 
Not the best angle, but case in point with my motorcycle boots.
My ankle is lost in the mix.
I think this cut (and color) is much more flattering on so many women.

If you have a wider calf, you will need to find an even lower cut on your boot. And bonus points if your ankle boot is cut into a “V” shape in the front, which enhances the leg line, too. Some ankle boots are cut straight across the ankle, but the “V” shape is more flattering. 
2. Color does matter.

Think about how you will wear your boot. Will it be with black skinny pants? Jeans? A little of everything? The most versatile ankle boot you can own is a taupe-colored one. A black ankle boot can be pretty heavy-looking when styled with shorts, skirts, and dresses. If you are new to the ankle boot scene, I suggest trying taupe out first.
Ankle boot styling TIPS…

1. Try to keep the entire leg line visible.
I talked about keeping the shape of the leg visible above, which is obviously easy to do if you’re wearing a skirt. However, if you are styling your ankle boot with pants, you are better off sticking with skinny pants or leggings since those shapes hug the natural leg line. Now that’s if you are worried about the ankle boot making your legs appear thicker. 
If you must wear straight-legged jeans, I suggest rolling them just above the boot so the boot is the focus. 
This picture is old. . . I took it from this post I did in November 2014:
2. Balance the heaviness of the ankle boot by wearing substantial/heavier pieces on top.
Everyone and her mom wears ankle boots with skinny pants and for good reason. It’s a flattering combination on nearly everyone, if handled with care :). Just be sure to balance the weight of the boot on the bottom half of your outfit with something heavier on the top. When you carry your weight in your bottom half (like I do), the key is balance. 
I added an infinity scarf and a jean jacket to balance out the heaviness of the ankle boot.

3. Branch out from the skinny pant. Ankle boots can make a pencil skirt seem “unfussy.”

Do you have a pencil skirt in your closet, maybe from an interview 10 years ago? Try it out with a fun ankle boot! Pencil skirts are not just reserved for stilettos…and they often don’t pair well with flats. Solution? Ankle boots!
Pardon me while I avoid my overgrown fern.
But seriously. . . I love this pairing! (the pencil skirt/ankle boot, not me with the fern)

Fringe on the boots paired with a bohemian-inspired top creates outfit cohesion. 
Had to get a picture with my planner. More on my newfound obsession at a later time.
So there you have it, everyone. . .two ways to style your ankle boots, along with some buying tips. I will keep up with the ankle boot posts all throughout the fall/winter season to keep our ankle boot styling fresh and exciting. 
Coming up next…a post on my blog RELAUNCH! Some of you have probably already noticed the blog name edit, and the focus of the blog will be expanding a little. I want to tell you why. Stay tuned! Thanks for reading and being patient during the transition. 
Have a style/beauty question? I love suggestions for future blog posts! Thanks again, Heidi!
Outfit details
Fringe boots from TARGET
Neon pink tee from TARGET (in-store)
Infinity scarf from OLD NAVY (old)
Jean jacket from GAP (old)
Navy pants from OLD NAVY
Ivory blouse from VON MAUR (MISS ME BRAND – in-store)
Necklace from STELLA AND DOT
Leather-trimmed pencil skirt from THE LIMITED (old)
Erin Condren LifePlanner (We will talk planners very soon, but if you are interested in the EC LifePlanner, message me. We can talk, and I can get you a $10 discount!)
One final note on hair. . .

I flipped through the newest issue of People Style Watch for this spin on the topknot for my hair in today’s post.
Since my hair is a bit longer than shoulder length, I had to improvise to fill out the bun a bit more. I had to tug on it a little after I twisted it into the topknot for more volume in the bun. 
I am sharing because (disclaimer) fixing my hair is the last step in my beauty routine in the morning, and if the make-up takes longer or if I want more sleep, the hair goes up. This style is quick, easy, and looks polished for work or anywhere, really!

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