Happy Birthday, Rock, Style, Repeat (I mean, Rock, Style, Teach)!

One year ago this very week, I published my first post on Rock, Style, Repeat. I remember staying up until 2 A.M. to make sure it was free of errors!! Over 15,000 views and 72 more posts later, here I am celebrating one year as a blogger.

And then I decide to up and change the blog.

As many of you might have noticed, I have renamed the blog Rock, Style, Teach to encompass all aspects of my interests, and one such new (but really old, since I taught for nine years prior) interest is teaching.

Questions you may be asking…

Why this blog name? 

Check out my “about the blog” page off the home page of the blog! I lay it all out for you.

Will this blog be only for teachers?

No! I’m still me. I won’t check my personal style at the door when I walk in my school to teach. Though I do now teach full-time, I still want to stay trendy in both a business casual setting and in a casual, weekend setting!

OK, OK, I know I said it wasn’t all for teachers, but I love my Aztec print bulletin board by my desk! It’s not done yet, but it makes me happy. And the border is not just black but SPARKLY black. That’s important for you to know.

What will change in this blog? 

I really see it as a blog expansion. I started Rock, Style, Repeat as a stay-at-home mom fighting to stay trendy in a never-ending world of baby spit-up, potty training, and playground visits. Now, I am still fighting to stay trendy, just as a full-time working mom who will need to dress business casual during the work week but will also enjoy some casual, weekend style.

Lately, I also found myself trying to “cater” to a blog audience when there were really topics in my heart (being a SAHM vs. a working mom) that I wanted to blog about. But I feared readers would lose interest. Then I had to bring myself back to why I am blogging…because I want to! And if I want to talk about motherhood and take a break from style, I can. Because it’s my blog. Yeah…

My babies and I enjoying some downtown fun on my last official day as a stay-at-home mom

I know several entrepreneurs with large social media followings advise against having too many aspects of your “brand” out there for all to see, meaning they would have a field day with me discussing fashion, make-up, teaching, planning, and more. But that’s my life! Yes, style and fashion will be the focus, but my life only functions the way I want it to when I have my finger on the pulse of many different areas (motherhood, beauty, fitness, life planning, etc.).

P.S. Now obsessed with planning…more on this later!

I am just like any other mom with a passion for style. I do study fashion trends and work to whittle my wardrobe down to include pieces that directly reflect my personal style. But sometimes I get it wrong. And sometimes I don’t have time to fix my hair. Or put on eyeshadow.

So anyway…we are going with Rock, Style, Teach. Thank you to all of you who don’t feel comfortable leaving public messages but send me private ones thanking me for my posts or asking me style questions. Thank you to those who show my blog love on social media. To be honest, it is quite scary putting a post with pictures of yourself out there, but I do it because I love to talk about style and share my ideas with others. And someone has to get the conversation started, right?

And since we are going to talk about teaching style, here are some pictures from my first day back at the old high school teaching gig…

I am honestly having a great first week. Possibly made better by the wearing of fun statement necklaces.

Very business-like on the first day with a splash of edgy with the necklace, black skinny pants from Stitch Fix, and leopard flats.

Close-up of my leopard flats from Target. 

I’m going to try very hard to post weekly manicures I do at home. I don’t feel obligated by anyone to do my nails every week. I just honestly like to. It makes me feel better… Here I used Essie Marshmallow for the base, the Jamberry silver/white fishnet on the ring finger, and the Essie Luxe Effects top coat on the index finger.


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