On Not Always Killing It and Summer-to-Fall Style Transitions

What is the one thing most fashion bloggers don’t do right 95 percent of the time, in my opinion? Tell their readers that they don’t kill it in the style department every day.

What? You mean perfect makeup, hair, and 4-inch heels aren’t part of your every day? 

Yeah, that may be the goal, but it’s not the reality. Some days I can’t even keep my coffee in the cup when I’m stirring it, much less put together a decent outfit.

Exhibit A: morning struggles.

Do I put some type of thought into my outfit each day? Yes. Do I feel like I nail it every day? No. I wrote a post in the spring on “it’ll do fashion.” 
One really quick summer-to-fall outfit to put together that I’m really digging is throwing a chambray shirt over a graphic tee and pairing that combo with a skinny pant and printed shoe.

Chambray top is from Twirl Boutique in Cedar Falls, tee is old from J.Crew,
pants are Old Navy Pixie crops, and leopard espadrilles are from, believe it or not, the Bass outlet.
No, I’m not going ombre. September 24 cannot come soon enough! 

The chambray shirt is a top that will wear so many hats in your wardrobe. To me, it is a staple. As the temps get cooler, I will show how I am wearing mine in other ways.
And fall nails…I’m trying to do one manicure a week. A basic at-home mani lasts me about four to five days on average, and when it’s run its course, I usually just let my nails breathe for a few days before I try another color.
I am not a pink or red nail polish person . . . I gravitate toward edgier colors. So below I’ve created a fall edgy nail color spectrum. We start with the safest colors and end with the edgiest.
BURGUNDY/MERLOT: This fall color is very typical for fall. If you’re looking to walk on the edgy side of burgundy, try Essie’s Wicked. It’s a very deep shade in this color family.
wicked - nail art by essie looks
image from essie.com
GREIGE: Just like it looks, this shade is a cross between gray and beige. If you prefer pastels, this one may be a nice color for you to try in the fall. My all-time favorite greige is Essie’s Chinchilly, but I recently bought OPI’s Taupe-less Beach and liked that shade as well, though it leans more beige than Chinchilly does.
It’s never too early for Halloween notepads. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.
 (OPI Taupe-less Beach)

DEEP METALLICS: If you are saving your silvers and golds for the holiday season, try a graphite or deep-colored metallic like Zoya’s Tris. I also tried this one out recently. This one leans a little green, which is a huge trend in itself for fall.

DEEP BLUE: Sad story here . . . I remember in seventh grade thinking I was so strange for liking blue nail polish as much as I did. I never got the courage to actually wear it for fear of being teased, but I would constantly apply it and then take it off before I’d go out in public. Kind of sad. But now, blue is my go-to nail color shade when I am looking to branch out from my basics (Essie’s Ballet Slippers or Marshmallow, any shade of black, etc.). Wouldn’t rock the blue when I was 12 but will 20 years later!
I felt like a legit beauty blogger when I picked Zoya’s Estelle to add to my collection before I saw that Redbook picked it as an “it” shade for fall in the October issue. See, this is just one reason you should keep up with my blog. I am super cutting edge in northeastern Iowa. 😉

Zoya’s Estelle is on the top right. 

DARK PLUM: Scared of black but like the idea of a very deep-hued polish? Try a dark plum. My all-time favorite is OPI’s Lincoln Park after Dark, which I just bought at my local Ulta. I found this shade about six or seven years ago, and it’s been a fall/winter staple of mine since.

Image via Pinterest
BLACK: Many style magazines say black is out, but they’ve been saying that for at least the last two years. And it’s still worn everywhere. I wouldn’t call it the edgiest of the fall shades because it’s so widely worn. But here’s the great thing about black: you can go cheap when you buy this shade (meaning try out a budget nail polish brand) because black is the same hue, no matter the brand. I do love Zoya Storm, though, because it has a little glitter in it, too.

Zoya Storm, featuring the metallic snakeskin Jamberry nail shield for some accent nail fun

HUNTER GREEN: And here we have, in my opinion, the edgiest nail polish shade for this fall. I am intrigued by it. It’s in my possession, but I haven’t tried it yet. Hunter green screams fall, but many are still really wary of wearing green on nails. I bought Nails Inc. Bruton Mews to try.

Bruton Mews NailKale Nail polish
image from us.nailsinc.com
Well, there you have it. Your official to-do list: Buy a chambray shirt, and update your fall nail polish collection. And wear your Birkenstocks into fall. We must find a way, friends.



  1. lexi59 September 20, 2015 / 4:50 am

    are those birkenstocks comfy?

  2. Michala McWhirter September 25, 2015 / 4:06 pm

    Ha. Everyone has been making fun of my birkenstocks for years….I was just WAY ahead of the trend. Glad to know I'm such a trendsetter!!! 😉

  3. Michala McWhirter September 25, 2015 / 4:06 pm

    Ha. Everyone has been making fun of my birkenstocks for years….I was just WAY ahead of the trend. Glad to know I'm such a trendsetter!!! 😉

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