Staying Current and Fall Print Mixing

Think really hard for a second, and answer this question. What out-of-style style (clothing, hair, etc.) do you refuse to give up? Mine is the pompadour in my hair. Yes, it’s so 2006, but my husband compliments me every time I wear my hair this way, and that’s a win right there for me. I have tried to update it by adding some volume at the crown and pulling the rest of the hair back. 
Oh, and one more? Light-on-top-dark-underneath coloring scheme, I just can’t quit you! It works for me because blonde is actually the easiest to maintain for me in that fading is minimal, and my hair responds really well to highlighting. Sometimes, though, I get pretty bored with blonde, so the dark underneath caters well to the edgy vibe I try to go for. 
I think personal style is just that: personal. Holding on to some dated treasures and mixing in some current trends help to define your style personality. 
This weekend, I did what I do whenever I’m in a style rut: reassess my closet. I paired some unexpected summer pieces with a dash of fall for another summer-to-fall transitional outfit. Yes, we are in full-blown fall, but with temps in the upper 70s in Iowa, I can’t go all Pumpkin Spice just yet. (If you have no idea what I’m talking about, see my last post HERE.)
How about a little print mixing action? Two prints that are practically MADE for each other are leopard and plaid. I paired my leopard sneakers with a buffalo check shirt I bought at Old Navy last year. This shirt won the award for “most likely to be worn” in my closet last fall/winter. I have blogged about it at least once, wore it a ton last fall, and styled it into the holiday season.
Shirt and shorts are from Old Navy (old). Sneakers are Steve Madden (also old). 
I paired my fall prints with my favorite mom shorts for a casual, running errands outfit. If you are interested in the print mixing idea, start with plaid and leopard. Find a plaid that looks great on you in terms of color and in print size. I would consider gingham, for example, a great alternative to buffalo check for petites. Since I have a larger frame, the larger buffalo check print works for me. 
And one more thing before we go . . . balance. It’s been on my mind a whole lot lately as a working mom. (And my grandma said she likes it when I write about the various topics in my head, so here you go, Grandma!) When I am trying to choose how I spend my free time, I am constantly being mentally pulled in so many directions. Do I work out? Do I meet up with a friend? Do I spend it all with my kids? Is it wrong to take an hour to decorate a planner? Is it out of the questions to spend some time on my nails? 
I will admit that I’m not sure I will ever breathe a sigh of relief that I have, indeed, found a balance. I have so many personal interests (style, fitness, planning, personal pampering – ha ha) that the dirty s word enters my head almost daily (selfish). Am I being selfish for wanting to pursue personal interests? Shouldn’t I spend the majority of my time outside of work connecting with my kids? Is my work (because I really honestly love what I do) my personal interest, and all other personal interests should fall by the wayside? 
I would love to engage in some serious positive dialogue on this issue! If you have found your balance, tell me how you found it! 
Have a blessed week, my friends.

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