Ankle Boots. Part 2

So…it’s October. Not really sure how that happened…Yeah, sure, October means fall and Halloween, but nothing says fall in the realm of style more than rocking some ankle boots. That being said, let’s talk ankle boots again! I talked to you recently about balancing your skinny pants/ankle boots outfit from head to toe AND how to pair them with a pencil skirt (see post HERE), but let’s step it up now.

Ankle boots with cropped, cuffed denim is seriously EVERYWHERE. Have you tried this look?

Johanna wanted in on the action. I told her she could, only since she matched me. Kidding! 

Loving this cardigan from Twirl Boutique. Almost ready for my next Twirl Trunk!

Camisole and cropped jeans (boyfriend style) from Old Navy,
ankle boots from Target two seasons ago. Johanna’s outfit is from Oshkosh, and her slip-ons are from Old Navy.

With the heaviness of the ankle boot, it’s probably best to try some layering on the top half for balance. My flowy cardigan in my ABSOLUTE FAVORITE fall hue (olive) helps me to balance out the heaviness in the black ankle boot. A little bling on the boots keeps it interesting, too.
Take some time to experiment with your cropped jeans and ankle boots this weekend. Temps are going to top out in the 60s up in Iowa, perfect temps for light layering and ankle boots. 
Have some extra time this weekend? Try out some new fall nail trends! Did you catch my post a few weeks ago on fall nail trends on the slightly edgy to really edgy spectrum? HERE YOU GO if you missed it! 
Hope the rest of your week rocks! 

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