Mom Hacks, in Fall Fashion and Other Areas.

As time goes on, as I fully settle into the reality that I am a full-time working mom of two children under the age of 5, I realize what I am not. I am faced with what I am not every day. I am faced with what I no longer have time for every day.

As time goes on, I realize I’m not the mom who is rockin’ her fitness, working out six days a week.

I realize I am not the style blogger with thousands of followers, with soft, wavy hair peeking out of the suede fedora smiling at my smiley kids. Every time I try to take one of these pictures with my kids, something goes awry. Something is off. Like when you can see my daughter’s diaper. It’s like laughable at this point.

My cardigan is so perfect, and it’s from my second Twirl Trunk from Twirl Boutique in Cedar Falls.
More on my second Twirl Trunk in my next post!
Yes, I have a long tee and tank for extra coverage whilst wearing leggings (gray tee from Twirl, tank from Old Navy), leggings are Hue from Von Maur, and my Nikes are from Kohl’s (Raise your hand if you are a new-found lover of Kohl’s cash!!!) 

I am not the mom who makes healthy, delectable food that her kids and husband enjoy every evening. Heck, if I make a meal my kids enjoy, I feel like a champion.

I am not the woman with 100 friends to take selfies with, documenting our girls’ nights that you, Facebook friends, were not invited to.

So what can I do? Quite frankly, I am just sick of wallering in who I am not. And Jen Hatmaker tells me I shouldn’t, so that’s reason enough for me to focus on (try to focus on) who I am. And walk proudly in it. So like, this book . . . For the Love has really wrecked me. In a good way, though.

On our way to the apple orchard this weekend, I started reading it. I told my husband when I was 16 pages in, “I think this is the best book I’ve ever read,” to which he replied, “Heather, you’re 16 pages in.” Well, one day later, I am now 117 pages in and still feel that way.

I just have so much to say about this book that I don’t know where to start. The first “wrecking point” for me came when Jen told us what tricks to keep on our balance beams and what tricks to push off our balance beams.

She says, “I decided what tricks belonged on my beam and dropped the rest or figured out a way to delegate.” Social media, though I think of it fondly quite often as an easy means for me to keep up with friends and family far away, has really wrecked a ton of us, whether we realize it or not. It is so easy to compare ourselves to our Facebook friends and then critique ourselves for not measuring up to their perfection. Heck, I do this every day, unfortunately.

So I have done a ton of thinking about what needs to be on my beam, what I am good at, what makes me feel alive. And writing is one of those things. I have gone back and forth about keeping up with blogging because nearly everyone I care about has told me, “Oh yeah, sorry, I just don’t have time to keep up with your blog.” Or doesn’t even know I blog. I don’t blame them or anything. I, too, understand what it’s like to be busy. So then that leaves me with what seems like fewer readers than I should have to warrant the time dedicated to posting on a blog, especially for a grammar freak like me who reads her posts multiple times to ensure they are free of error. (#thatEnglishteacherlife)

But you know what? Writing/blogging is staying on the beam for now. So is “mom styling,” or sharing my tricks for trying to stay stylish in a world of work, chores, dirty diapers, toys in every nook and crevice of your couch, etc.

So after that long-winded narrative. . . let me explain a great fall fashion hack. I love this one.

If you want to pull off sporty chic and comfy with a side of style, try this combination:

flannel shirt + leggings + tennis shoes (cute ones)

I cannot get behind the “workout shoes with jeans” look, but leggings can lean sporty if you let them, so that’s precisely why this combination works for me. So if you’re not feeling the freshly-blown-out hair + blanket scarf + Starbucks cup + leggings + high-heeled boots combo for your pumpkin patch visit, for goodness sake, put on some leggings, a cute flannel, and your cutest tennis shoes to be comfortable. I guess it goes without saying (though I will just casually mention it now) that we are avoiding clunky running shoes. I am envisioning a cute cross trainer of sorts that coordinates well. With black leggings, the natural choice is a simple black tennis shoe.

And matching your toddler will earn you fall fashion bonus points.

Shirt, leggings, and ankle boots (insert heart eyes emoji for the ankle boots): Old Navy

I am spending some time this week re-evaluating what tricks I will keep on my beam. I hope you will, too. The Pinterest life exists only on Pinterest, never in reality. I’m convinced.


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