Essentials to Pair with Leggings

We have fallen into what is affectionately referred to as legging season. I have dreaded legging season for many years because I have been jealous of shorter gals who can wear leggings with ease. My strategies for wearing leggings at 5’11” have failed me for quite a while. I have had to readjust my strategies, and this year is my year, ladies…this is the year I wear the leggings with confidence and ease.
I’ve come up with a few essentials to have in your closet to wear with your favorite leggings (and to wear them in multiple ways), and a few of these essentials are necessary for tall girls especially. So here we go…
1. Long tunic tops. This one is mostly likely common sense to you (of course we need long tops for leggings), but if you think acquiring said tunics is easy, you’ve never been tall. Seriously. 
Until about last year, I was convinced that cute, trendy tunic tops for tall ladies existed somewhere in the Bermuda Triangle…I am just about the stealthiest online shopper you would ever meet, and I could never find any that would give me the desired coverage (as in the “leggings as pants” phenomenon I try to avoid) when pairing said top with leggings.
Twirl Boutique in Cedar Falls has proven to be a great go-to source this year for tunic tops. The short dresses they sell actually fit like tunics on me, and they’re not the weird length of yeah, that’s totally a dress she’s wearing. These tunic tops work as tops, not as awkward dresses I’m trying out just so I can wear leggings.
Gray and burgundy tribal dress from Twirl Boutique (I am in a small), leather leggings from Twirl Boutique (small/medium), Stella and Dot rebel pendant necklace, Madden Girl boots from Famous Footwear.
Natural hair, don’t care. 
2. Basic black ankle booties. When you want to pair your leggings with different textures in your tops or add some serious accessories (blanket scarves, statement jewelry), I have found the importance in owning a pair of basic black ankle boots (without chains, buckles, studs, etc.). The simpleness in the boot will work to balance your outfit and ensure it’s not too over-the-top accessorized.
In the picture below, you can see that I have leather leggings (leather on the front anyway) and a printed top. To me, that’s enough of an interest factor to want to keep the shoe choice more simple.

3. Boyfriend cardigans. For a put-together layered look, pair your tunic dress/top with a cardigan of similar length. I have had this Forever 21 cardigan since last year, and it adds a new dimension to my look.

4. Boots in varied heights. Chances are, you gravitate toward one boot height in particular. Chances are, in the next month or two, you will get sick of wearing leggings with that one boot height. If you have a little bit of room in your clothing/shoe budget, I suggest you try out a boot in a different height from what you are used to. That way, leggings will be fun to wear again because, let’s face it, they’re just downright comfortable.
I, for one, gravitate toward an ankle boot. Here I tried my over-the-knee boots in this outfit I would wear to teach in. 
Black boyfriend cardigan is from Old Navy (medium tall), striped dress is from Twirl (from my first Twirl Trunk).
leggings are Hue from Von Maur, and my boots are the Riley from Chinese Laundry (last season at Von Maur). 
Day 7 on the shellac manicure…woot woot…

Leggings, we are about to become even better friends this fall. If you want more wear out of your leggings, take a peek at those shorter dresses in stores, the ones you thought you’d never wear alone because they’re too short. They just might look great with leggings. Then pair the dress and leggings with a cozy cardi and cute boot, and you’re good!


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