The Lace-Up Flat. You Might Need a Pair.

So lace-up flats are ALL THE RAGE right now as in I can’t go one day without seeing a blogger wearing them on Instagram. So yes, Instagram made me do it. I bought a pair of these coveted flats, but let me tell you how and why. The decision was not made in a day, to say the least.

Why did I go ahead and buy? I think they are a shoe made for us ladies who want a few things to happen with our style. We want to look put together and trendy. We don’t want (or can’t due to lack of time) to exert a ton of effort, and we want comfort.

In other words, let’s be honest . . . most of us want to look presentable, but then Ugg clogs happen (speaking from experience – those things are comfy).

The lace-up flat gives a styled look without tons of effort, except they are a little tricky to figure out how to “lace up” the first time. Or maybe it was just me. Time would not afford me extra minutes to style hair today and lace up the flats, so the flats won.

Cardigan and tee from TWIRL BOUTIQUE.
Necklace from STELLA AND DOT. Lace-up flats linked below.
Pants from Stitch Fix.

They pair so nicely with a skinny pant and work with casual and work (teaching) pieces alike. Who doesn’t love a versatile shoe? And nearly every pant I own has a skinny leg. Side note: I do have two pairs of bootcut jeans. I tried to wear one of them to church last Sunday and got super flustered because I didn’t know how to style them. Styling bootcut jeans would be a great future blog post idea. . .

I did not, however, spend more than $20 on my lace-up flats. AUTHENTIC MOMENT coming right up. . . I bought the Steve Madden pair a few months back and paid $79 for them. They were a taupe-colored suede, and they were cute. But then I said to myself, why am I paying $79 for a shoe that could be out of style next season? So I returned them and found a pair at Old Navy in a great price point. With an early Black Friday sale, I scored mine for $15! I’m linking them HERE. If Old Navy is out of your size, try ASOS, another budget-friendly option.


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