The Look for Less: Michael Kors Faux-Fur-Trim Belted Down Coat

So, how about a good, old-fashioned can’t-afford-that-but-still-want-that-look blog post? I love reading posts like these, so I thought I’d try to write one.

Luckily, a ton of budget retailers take inspiration from designers and often provide us who live in the restraints of a budget for whatever reason with quality lookalike pieces. You just have to search a little bit.

Here we have the Michael Kors Faux-Fur-Trim Belted Down Coat.

How adorbs. Here’s why I like it.

1. Length. Since I live in northeast Iowa (tundra-land), I am cold about 6 months out of the year, and I like that this coat hits well below the waist. But it’s not obnoxiously/uncomfortably long. It’s just right.

2. Faux fur. Cute and on trend right now. Just the right amount, too.

3. Figure enhancement. Puffer coats usually do, oh. . . about nothing for women’s figures, so I like how this coat is cinched at the waist for optimal figure enhancement.

The price is not actually too bad ($139.99 at Macy’s when I last looked), and I would consider buying if I had not found a more budget-friendly option. I have my eyes set on some Uggs (among 8 million other things. . .that’s how my mind works with style), anyway, so I want to save on the coat.

I did find a cheaper option at Old Navy! (Duh. You knew it would be Old Navy or Target if you have ever read this blog.) I spotted it online last week and bought it in store this past weekend.

Really annoyed that this whole early-to-get-dark thing is cutting into blog photo time. . .

This coat has all of what I like in the Michael Kors coat. The cinch at the waist is a different concept (not a belt – bungee cord-type things), but I actually like that the Old Navy one leans a little more casual, as that’s how I would wear it.

We tried. . .
“But Mom, I said, ‘hold me.'” Dog has to supervise any time a picture is being taken, of course. . .

Now I did lose out on the gold detailing in the Michael Kors one, but this Old Navy one has some faux-leather trim on the pockets, which is always great in my book. You know this.

I have linked the Old Navy coat HERE, but understand you might have to search for this one in-store (sizes left online are few and far between). I am in a medium, and since I had Super Cash to spend (coupled with it being 30% off), I got this coat (regular price of $79.94) for $27.49. . . BOOM. That is a victory.


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