Reality Fashion for Busy Moms This Christmas: Enter The Tunic and Leggings Combo

As I immerse myself in all that is holiday-related (including reading holiday fashion blogs), I feel like it is my duty to inject a little bit of reality into the mix. Let me break it to you this way: I will not be wearing a tulle skirt this year, nor will I be wearing heels. I will not have perfectly-lined red lips. I will not look at the camera and smile whilst carrying perfectly wrapped presents. 
I may (will), however, have a limited amount of time to think about how I look on Christmas Day. And that’s where the majority of us are probably at, am I right? 
Some holiday fashion blogs (in my humble opinion) tend to do more harm than good for moms and can be the equivalent of the Pottery Barn Kids catalog (see my last post): something we can admire from afar but never obtain. So how about we talk about the holiday version of what I have most recently coined “reality fashion”?
Moms, we are busy bees trying to create a memorable holiday for our families and friends, and chances are, we have put ourselves at like number 467 on our list of priorities. One hobby I try to make time for is fitness, and…well…the answer to that lately is just no. I will raise my hand and admit right now that the only exercise I have been consistent with in the last three weeks is raising my hand to put a cookie in my mouth or walking to the fridge to pour myself more chocolate milk. ‘Tis the season.
Sometimes I think that the last thing I want to do is worry about what I am going to wear this Christmas. But I still will worry about it (social media pictures!!! family memories!). How about we talk about a simple way to go from opening presents on Christmas morning to a fancier gathering later in the day with minimal effort, then?
Here’s an option for you: a tunic and leggings. 
Allow a loose tunic and a comfy pair of leggings to be your outfit base. Then you honestly don’t have to change out of your cozy Christmas present opening outfit for your next slightly dressier holiday gathering. Swapping out accessories will help you dress the tunic and leggings up or down.
LOOK 1: Christmas Morning Lounging
JACKET and SCARF: Target (old)
SOCKS: American Eagle
Start with the basic tunic and leggings. Add a scarf, cozy socks (my personal favorite lounging accessory), and a sweatshirt-material structured jacket for a lounging look that you will not be ashamed to see in pictures later.
LOOK 2: The Dressy Casual Celebration
STATEMENT NECKLACE: Stella and Dot (I’m wearing the silver version; gold is still available.)
OVER THE KNEE BOOTS: Chinese Laundry
I added an extender to the pegasus necklace, and though I didn’t think it was possible, I love it even more.
Swap out the sweatshirt jacket, scarf, and cozy socks for a statement necklace and over-the-knee leather boots to take the tunic/leggings combo to the next dressier level. Keep in mind I am picturing an “oh, shoot, we have to leave in five minutes, and the kids still aren’t ready” situation, so I’m keeping accessories simple for reality-based situations I live out, oh…pretty much weekly. 
The top knot is probably the most versatile hairstyle for dire situations like these. Just make sure your knot is high enough on your head to avoid potential unfortunate bald-looking photo situations.
Bottom line? I want us all to feel confident in how we look on Christmas. “Reality fashion” prepares us for the inevitable time we will lose in getting ourselves ready. I am going to roll with it and be prepared this Christmas by making it easy on myself yet still feel good about what I’m wearing at the same time. 
And just for fun . . . let’s take a look back at last year’s blog post on Christmas morning fashion inspired by the J.Crew catalog. I still really like this look, actually. But who is this lady with the fixed, well-coiffed hair? 
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Give me all of the camo. Just don’t make me go outdoors.
This tunic is actually brown, but to me, it looks more plum-ish. I paired it with black, committing the ultimate fashion sin, but I love it with black!
Readers, have a very Merry Christmas. Among many other blessings, I am celebrating all of you this holiday season, counting my blessings that you read my writing, find it somewhat informative and encouraging, and continue to come back each post! 

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