"Easy" Holiday Hair: PRACTICE Makes Perfect!

Hey there, dear reader friends. . . just a quick post today on holiday hair.

I typically wear my hair up five (or six. . .or seven. . .) days out of the week. For holidays, I like to do something special, like, oh. . . fix it!

My hair is naturally wavy/poofy/awkward, so I cannot do the whole natural hair thing. I do have to fix it in some way. Usually before a big event when I know pictures will be taken (one of my kids’ birthdays, a holiday, etc.), I go on Pinterest for new inspiration for updos and will try one out before the big day.

At the school where I teach, it is Christmas Eve (pajama day), so I thought a cute updo would help me feel less dumpy in my PJs.

I found THIS PIN I saved about 9 months ago. I tried this style out for my daughter’s first birthday but did not execute as well. Like I did in my sister’s wedding, sometimes I get hair fixing performance anxiety and do not execute as well as I hope to on the “big day”! But today, I tried again, and I am much happier with the result. The key is VOLUME. Or else you look seven years old.

Love this Christmas sweatshirt from ILY COUTURE. Perfect to pair with cute PJ pants for lounging or skinny jeans!
Here we have the right side of the updo.

PJ/Polar Express Day for the littles, too! This is serious Jo…and the left side of the updo…

And this is giggly Jo! She scrunches her little neck and laughs and my heart skips a beat every time she does that!

I am going to try out the double-Dutch-braid-into-messy-bun updo again for one of my holiday gatherings this season. My holiday hair tip is to try out a new style BEFORE the day you want to style your hair in that way to avoid meltdowns in the bathroom that make everyone in your house moody…Oh wait, that doesn’t happen to you?

Merry Christmas! Happy hair fixing, mamas!


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