My Top 5 Most Read Posts of 2015: Looking Back and Looking Ahead

Happy almost New Year from your favorite style blogger! What a year it has been. FORRRRR REALLLLL. The biggest change I saw was my transition back to full-time teaching. Teaching in a new district has reignited my passion for teaching, and I sincerely love my new job. Honestly. And it’s not just because people I work with read my blog. If you really know me, you know I am a horrible liar anyway. To say it hasn’t been hard to adjust to working full-time, caring for my two babies, maintaining a household, looking decent, etc., is a lie, though. But I’m happy, my kids are happy, and I’m fairly sure Jordan’s happy, so YAY, LINDENMEYERS.

As the year draws to a close, I thought it would be fun to show you, my dear readers and friends, the top five most read posts of mine in 2015 and for me to give you a little bit of a commentary/update on each.


It’s funny to me that this one made the list! I hardly ever write about home decor, though I do post some of my new finds on Instagram. I had a wonderful time decorating this home, and in all actuality, this home made Iowa start to feel like home to me. We closed mid-May, less than a week before I landed my teaching job, and this home was a huge blessing. The home and the job helped me stave off some pretty strong homesick pangs. The sofa table pictured above is now decorated and redecorated for each holiday, which has been super fun to do. Target dollar spot, guys. Target dollar spot is a beautiful place to stimulate creativity!


I feel bad that I haven’t done a wardrobe staple post since this one! It seems like you guys really liked it! It is REALLY hard for me to determine what I can blog about as a “wardrobe staple” since all of my readers have such differing styles, but I am up for another challenge in 2016. Bring it. (P.S. Look at Jordan and me getting all fancy with our blog photography and not taking pictures inside our home or on the porch!)


Now the Stitch Fix posts did get a lot of traffic from Pinterest, which I really suck at these days. Fun fact: this was the only blog post that featured me without make-up. I guess I didn’t scare you off, so that’s good!

I need to get back to uploading my blogs as pins. As you know, the story on Stitch Fix is that I really liked my first Stitch Fix and did not care for the second, so as of right now, I am not receiving Stitch Fix shipments because I was really disappointed in the second one, as in got a sweater vest that my two grandmothers would never wear, and because of the Twirl Trunk, which I will discuss later in this post.


I see how it is. . .you guys like for me to try these services out (and pay for them), and you want me to be your guinea pig! Ha. That’s fine with me. As I mentioned . . . Stitch Fix is a no-go as of right now for me. My favorite pair of work pants are from my first shipment (and they’re in the picture above), so I am kind of torn about starting it back up.


And it’s not even close, guys. The Twirl Trunk was all the buzz on my blog this year! The Twirl Trunk post was viewed thousands of times and shared via Facebook several times, too. I was SO very excited to work with Jenna and Bonita, who own Twirl Boutique in Cedar Falls, Iowa, as they launched this amazing Stitch Fix-esque service that is quite a bit more budget friendly but still offers the convenience of clothing being shipped to your home.

As of right now, I put a hold on my Twirl Trunk service until my budget recovers from Christmas, but I plan to pick it back up in the next month or two! I cannot say enough about Twirl. Really. Honestly, I was just so honored that they would choose little old me, the slightly off girl from Illinois, to help spread the word about their business and new service. Thanks so much, Jenna and Bonita!

And it sounds like a good amount of readers have tried out the service, which is great. I hope you have had great luck with it like I have!

Looking ahead . . .

And that’s all she wrote for 2015, literally, as in this is my last post of 2015. Now looking ahead to 2016, I wanted to share a blog/style-related goal of mine: TRUST MYSELF. Pursue blog post topics and styles that feel right to me, regardless of the reception they will receive.

I am just so honored that people out there have embraced me as a blogger. Just like any other woman alive, I play the comparison game and see a ton of perfectly styled bloggers whom I just can’t relate to. Let’s face it. . .sometimes I think it’s a little weird how “edgy” I like my style when I’m a mom of 2 who teaches and lives in a subdivision in Iowa. And it’s sometimes weird how often I wear my hair up and/or braided. But honestly, that is me.

So 2016 is my year to soldier on and be unique, trust my instincts in style, take risks, bask in confidence toward the things that feel right to me and shut down that voice in the back of my head that is whispering, That’s a little weird. I don’t think people will like that. If I like it, then let’s do it.

Thanks for reading in 2015, and I will connect with you all very soon in the New Year! Cheers!



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