Fitness Fashion Finds and Going to the Gym for the First Time in Ten Years

So…how is your January going? Mine was off to a great start. Then sickness. Every member of my little family fell victim one by one. That wicked virus derailed me for a minute, but I’m on my way back to normal.

My first new year’s resolution (I have to add goals into phases…) was to work out five times a week. That meant other hobbies (like blogging) slipped just a bit because I can’t quite figure out how to have several hobbies and “wife” and mother and teach well. But I’m back here on the blog for now! And while we are on the subject of fitness…I have been back and forth about writing a fitness/weight loss post. I know it’s deviating from my norm, but I probably would not have the confidence to have a style blog had I not fallen in love with fitness and pursued a healthier me. I almost feel at this point that not talking about fitness is leaving out a big part of my “story,” one extra step that led me down the path to write a style blog.

My fitness/weight loss story isn’t special. It’s pretty normal, actually. I gained 70 pounds with my son and later 57 with my daughter, so being that one child was 10 lbs. and one was 10.5 lbs., I had a little over 100 pounds total to lose.

The picture on the left was taken a little over five years ago, pre babies, when my fitness was hit and miss (more like miss). I ate bad foods for fun (which I still do occasionally, unfortunately) and really did not think about my health all that much. (And side note: Facebook’s “memories” are sometimes a little jarring…HA HA.) On the left, I was really sad at this time in my life and did not take good care of myself. More on that story perhaps later.

But after I had my son, I was way overweight and had to make a change. And I did. I lost the baby weight plus an additional 15 pounds. But it wasn’t easy, and it came in steps. The first decision I made was not to keep any extra baby weight if I could help it. The second decision involved becoming a runner to get that competitive spirit back that I so loved about myself in high school athletics. I never really compete with anyone when I run; I actually just compete with myself. Still working on the healthy eating!

I share this information with you because I want to be honest about the fact that I have to work at it to stay the size that I’m at. It’s not easy. It’s making choices every day that are hard. But what I have always enjoyed is bettering myself physically and emotionally and finding cute fitness fashion!

OK, now that that is all out of the way…let me share with you some recent fitness-related finds!

Headband is Hippie Runner. Tee was from Planet Fitness (free!).
Leggings are Ollie Marie Boutique. Bag is Victoria’s Secret PINK.
As Jordan said, “Nice back to school pic…”
I should mention that I work out at night…hence the less-than-fresh-faced look.

1. Planet Fitness.

I joined Planet Fitness in mid-December and starting going about 3 times a week in late December. I have been so impressed with the quality and variety of equipment you can use for the price you pay per month. I have the black card and pay $20 a month, though there is a $10 a month option. There is a yearly membership fee, but it is less than $50.

My favorite? The express workout! It’s operated by a stoplight. There are 20 circuits (10 step/cardio circuits and 10 resistance machine circuits), and when the light is green, you perform that exercise for one minute. Then when the light is red, you transition to the next. I have been doing some extra cardio (stair stepper…woot woot) before the express workout and then completing the express workout about 2-3 times a week. I work out from home (treadmill or Beachbody DVDs) the other days to meet my goal of 5 days per week.

Full disclaimer: Prior to Planet Fitness, I had not been inside a gym for about 10 years (when I was “sweating for the wedding”), but I am happy with my decision to join. I love how I can just take about an hour to clear my head and do something productive and healthy with my time away. I think the emphasis on social media these days is for moms to stay home and work out, yet I am a big advocate for Mom getting some time to herself, so if that means leaving the home to work out, then so be it!

2. Ollie Marie Boutique.

I have purchased two pairs of workout leggings (one cropped pair and one FULL-LENGTH) from Ollie Marie Boutique, owned by Skinny Meg (if you follow her blog, which is really great and authentic and enjoyable to read). I have been so impressed with the quality and the price! She also offers free shipping!

I highly suggest that you follow Ollie Marie Boutique on Instagram, and when she posts that she has new leggings in, you buy. Don’t question it. Just go. For reference, I wear the small/medium size. P.S. I’m 5’11”, and the leggings are long enough for me! Also, I’ve worn them to lift weights, run, do the stair stepper, workout DVDs, you name it. They stay put!

A close-up of the leggings.

3. Hippie Runner Headbands.

I love these headbands for working out to keep my bangs and wispies out of my face. The prints are so fun, and they are affordable.

4. Junk Headbands. 

If you want the Mercedes/Rolls Royce of workout headbands, go for the Junk brand. WOW. The quality is amazing (they’re thicker than Hippie Runner ones), but they are a little pricey. Mine was $16 at Scheels (cannot find my exact one online!).

I would love to write a “what’s in my gym bag” post soon to tell you about the face wipes, headphones, etc., that I use at the gym. But stay tuned for an upcoming Mommy and me Valentine’s Day post that I am probably a little too excited about. I will be reviewing LuLaRoe clothing! See you soon!!


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